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Textiles Made Out of Wood? Design by Elisa Strozyk

Now, we have all heard of the famous story of Pinocchio, whose nose grew thrice in size after lying. Such a story reflects on the desire of a small wooden puppet to magically become a real boy with flesh, blood, and bone. Not an ocean of ink, nor a word in any other language would be sufficient to e...

Camper Together

A camper is he who camps; as the word is defined. A camper is the guy, who wears campers' shoes and even the entity of the camper shoes! In other words, Camper is a shoes brand dedicated for those who love to camp or practice such freedom of action. What attracted us toward Camper's shoes are the...

A Lean, Mean Speed Machine

Sleek, slender, sexy, and strong; are just four words that sum up the newest beauty in the auto world, the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570- 4 Superleggera. This new racing babe has enough power with its V10 engine to pull a train and go from 0 to 200 km/hr in just 10 seconds! You're literally flying wit...

The English Quarters

Many interior designers and architects struggle with the concept of balance. Yet, architect and interior designer Nisreen Hashish courageously faced the challenge of designing a residence which is both comfortable as a living space and accommodating to guests. The result is a villa designed with a p...

Own a Piece of Greece At Mountain View

Have you ever wanted to visit the Greek islands such as Crete and Rhodes, with their gorgeous beaches, glittering turquoise waters and quaint little buildings? But what if you don't have the opportunity to travel abroad? Maybe your schedule is too tight or you'd rather drive than fly to your vacatio...

'The Old Lady': Luxury-Class City Resort

Foster and Partners Ltd., London (Architecture) United Designers Ltd., London (Interior Design) SPAd Inc. Sylvia Sepielli, Sedona/Arizona (Spa concept) The Dolder Grand Hotel, Zurich, Switzerland, or "the Old lady" as known locally has been transformed into a luxury-class city resort.

Libeskind's Crystalline Crib

Being a 5,000 square foot home resembling a crystal growing out of a rock, the Libeskind Villa, designed by Daniel Libeskind himself, is made to be a signature home, adapting a universal residential design typology. The extraordinary shape of the structure's outline successfully engulfs the environment around it. "The Villa awakens the senses: light floods through glass expanses, clean lines invite calm, elegant halls and staircases offer seamless transitions," said a press statement from Studio Daniel Libeskind.

Guess What This Is!

Perkins Eastman designed a new structure for the Concordia International School in Shanghai, China. It creates a unique educational experience for kids and adults as well. Join Lubna for deeper insights.

The Ultimate Work Space Hot Rod

Rottet Studio performed a mind-bogglingly dangerous design stunt managed to maintain the balance between formal and playful elements in an interesting and innovative project, which they did for a San Francisco-based firm Artis Capital Management.

Cybertecture UFO

It is a UFO, designed by James Law and is meant to be so! The architect's concept here was to come up with a form of a planet that would sort of land on site. This planet, egg-shaped, shall be composed of ten office floors and three underground basement parking ones; overall occupying 33,000 square meters of area.

The Ultimate Workspace Hot Rod

Rottet Studio performed a mind-bogglingly dangerous design stunt managed to maintain the balance when it added some spice to an office in an interesting and innovative project, which they did for a San Francisco-based firm Artis Capital Management.

Shiny Happy Offices

The Royal Bank of Scotland's Houston Texas branch is an example of a bank which is also a great work environment. Designed by architectural and design firm Rottet Studio, the 15,000 square foot project has reinvented the Royal Bank of Scotland and created a workspace that combines elegance with simplicity and formality with casualness.

Living In Glass Houses

Victor Cañas, and his team of architects and interior designers to create a house of glass that is a pure beauty and a symbol of luxury, combined with simplicity and elegance. The Ron Ron house project gets its name from a native Costa Rican tree called the Ron-Ron tree. In fact, one majestic Ron-Ron tree stands tall in the front porch of the house, proudly providing shade and adding a very special touch to the house.

Before Summer Departs

B&B Italia introduced a charming little outdoor furniture collection to delight hearts and minds everywhere. Of course, when it comes to beauty, the Italians seem to have the most flair in designing furniture that can only be called: a kind of genius. For B&B Italia's latest outdoor collection, creative geniuses like Patricia Urquiola have come up with designs for decadently comfortable, luscious; yet, simple and pretty pieces of furniture.

Creativity’s Nudity

This year Leolux has successfully undressed its creativity for the whole world to see, with several new interesting collections of furniture. All are displayed in ways, which would make you rethink the idea of gravitational pull. With that thought, we begin our journey of illumination with the Timandra collection, designed by Gabriele Assmann.

Fabric Feast For the Senses

When the fabric design firm Zimmer and Rohde undertook the furnishing of Qasr Al Sarab Resort in UAE, near Abu Dhabi; the fabrics chosen for the suites and rooms had to blend in with the surrounding desert. "In its 150 luxurious rooms, 10 suites and 42 villas,the five-star hotel offers Arabian flair through earthy tones, hand-crafted furniture made from native woods, and opulent fabrics," the fabrics manufacturer stated.

Let’s Rococo

The Rococo artistic wave came as a rebellious move, where the artists started breaking the rules of symmetry in the original classic French styles; by going untraditional and creating contrasts using different elements. The move came out in all design aspects and was most evident in interior and furniture design, where the spaces became festive with ornamental mirrors, tapestries, sculptures and wall paintings.

An Aquamarine Arrangement

The sea can be an inspiration for any designer. It inspired many storytellers to write about mermaids and various sea creatures. It's also the inspiration for relaxation! But for relaxation, you need a sanctuary. To create this sanctuary, designer Dora Chiaty created the ultimate hub for well-deserved rest and relaxation, the Iberotel Aquamarine Hurghada. The interior design is a stunning display of the stylistic stunts making the Iberotel Aquamarine a truly Egyptian holiday getaway.

No Place Like A Boutique Hotel

X2 Samui Villas by Design, which is part of the Centara Boutique Collection is the latest boutique property to come to Thailand's Samui Island. Built on an area of five acres, the hotel is located by the beach and consists of 27 unique villas that have their own gardens and often their own pools as well. "With its intimate scale, luxury villas and air of exclusivity, X2 allows you to be yourself," the designers said. Well, that's certainly true for any place that successfully makes you feel at home. After all, the one place we are always ourselves is home.

Going Seaward

Wetzels Brown Partners, owned by designers Robert Wetzels and Gillian Brown, decided to have a bit of a flirtation with this critical balancing act when designing the interior of the CNB- 100 Chrisco. Through careful planning, the design team managed to achieve to an interesting equilibrium between both interior and exterior elements offering passengers full experience of the sea while maintaining the luxurious cocoon that makes up the interior space.

Entralibera’s Wild Wonderland Goes Public

Entralibera calls itself a glamour design store that designs products, which we normally think would not really fit in your peaceful household environment. You would think that it is just like any normal store; but, it encourages you to stop and think again. As a firm, Entralibera made its debut after audiences were left with their jaws dropped and their heads itching with questions when seeing their exhibition at Fuorisalone 2010.

Hadid's Work Marries Suprematism

If the early twentieth century Russian painter Kazimir Malevich was alive today, he would be madly in love. He would be drooling over the curves, the lines, and how they fuse to complement each other, like a musical symphony orchestra. It's an exhibition; in fact, where both artists and architects can attend in a wedding of two works: that of the renowned architect Zaha Hadid and the suprematicism of the Russian Avante-Garde.


The new L'Archivolto Events exhibition space in Milan was designed by one of the most creative architects and designers of all time; Simone Micheli, is the talk of the town in Milan. The new exhibition hall was designed to take visitors on a space journey, without the need to ever leave the Earth.