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By Ahmed LotfyFebruary 2013 Issue

Although Egypt was one of the pioneers in the crafting of handmade glass, it’s weird that this craft is declining nowadays. Only a few families are working in this craft like the family of Sheikh El Zogagein, or the leader of glass crafting, Ahmed Ali and his son. Their factory and showroom are in...

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By Ahmed Lotfy & Ebtissam FaridApril 2013 Issue

"The harmony of the world is made manifest in Form and Number, and heart and soul and all the poetry of Natural Philosophy are embodied in the concept of mathematical beauty." D'Arcy Thompson (1860-1948) Scottish biologist & mathematician

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By Ahmed LotfyMay 2013 Issue

If the glittering stars are among the most pleasant celestial bodies to look at and ponder upon in the sky, then the ships are definitely the luminary stars of the seas! If Egyptians possess the largest portion of human history, we have preceded many people being the pioneers in the craft of shipbui...

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By Nader RamadanMarch 2015 Issue

ASK Magazine has the pleasure of interviewing Arch. Ahmed Hamdi, Principal of Ahmed Hamdi Architects, an architect and designer specialized in sustainable development. Join us as he talks about his experience in architecture and sustainable design and how his ideas could add to Egypt’s urban devel...

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Le Marche Coverage

By Ask Magazine's Editorial Team December 2009 Issue

ASK had the pleasure of attending Le Marche 2009 and interview several international designers, including Christophe Pallet. Chairman of the Egyptian Furniture Export Council Ahmed Helmy and Minister of Trade Industry Rashid Ahmed Rashid were also present to give lectures.

Sophia Ahmed, a Model Box for an Egyptian World Famous Set Designer!

By Seif KamelApril 2013 Issue

A gifted designer, a talented artist, and above all a vigorous lady who doesn’t mind to endeavor, as much as needed, to make her dream come true, Sophia Ahmed, an ambitious young set designer, takes us into an inimitable voyage inside her life, career, challenges, and dreams!


By Nader RamadanApril 2014 Issue

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Ayman Lotfy unveils that element inside which every individual being submerged within a shell, a bark built by a myriad of societal norms and expectations. The result is a series of photographic pieces that brings to light a hidden person trapped, frust...

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The Art and Science of Arabic Calligraphy

By Nader RamadanSeptember 2009 Issue

In this article, Nader interview two calligraphers: Ahmed Fares and Osman Andrew Young as a balance between traditional and modern calligraphy. In a journey through time, we go from serious to psychedelic.

Diaries of an Entrepreneur

By Nader RamadanApril 2013 Issue

The secrets of starting and running a successful business are many but known by a privileged few. Being part of a new generation of young businessmen with innovative ideas for the nation’s business community, ASK Magazine met with Ahmed Naggar, General Manager of KIRA Home Store and Parador to reveal these secrets to the world.

Halfmoon Speaks of Offices

By Dalia TawfikMarch 2009 Issue

Dalia interviews Ahmed Mahrous, a designer and furniture craftsman, telling about his new ideas for furniture design here in Egypt. Mahrous had previously worked in Saudi Arabia and the name "Halfmoon" comes from a place where he used to go when he was depressed.

Experts and government officials revealed the effect of Egypt’s mega-projects and the country’s real estate plans for the year at Cityscape

By PressJan 18th, 2017 at 19:40 UTC

Khaled Abbass: Cityscape Egypt conference is considered a real estate benchmark for assessing the market... Implementing the Egyptian strategic plan requires government-private sector cooperation. Ahmed Darwish: We seek cooperating with real estate developers in order to create an integrated urban c...

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Enso: The Circle of Infinity

By Nader RamadanJanuary 2010 Issue

Architect Yousef Waly and Interior designer Reham El Helaly were just passing by on Zamalek's ritzy 26th of July Street when Behler's Mansion caught their eyes. It was classy structure typical of any classical European structure you would see in most North American and European cities such as Berlin and New York City. Deciding the amount of attention that this area gets looked promising, the couple & their business partners Architect Ahmed Maged Hosny & Mrs. Rowaida Morad decided to buy an apartment on the fourth floor of the historical building to open their new design firm, Enso -"Signatures for living".