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Funked In Timeless Curves

Cartesian graphs were first used to the show the relationship between two sets of numbers. Mona Daoud shows you how you can create a relationship with space. In her article, she touches on techniques in color, texture, and atmosphere.

Coffee Table Books

Ask writer Dina Tarek reviews books that you may feel may look good on your coffee table. These books cover pretty much everything from lifestyle to relationships.

A Flash of Lighting

Dalia Tawfik interview designer Ibrahim Abdellah, owner of Illumination Republic, one of Egypt's top contemporary lighting fixture businesses.

Never Play By The Rules

Rules are obstacle courses of intelligence! Sarah Nour shows how can we derive order from chaos. Forget about the clutter control and think more about chaotic cohesion. It's a fundemantal step towards revamping your whole house and enlivening your life

Bathroom Sanctuary

Everyone is doomed to groom! So groom away! Healthy spaces make healthy faces which can take you many places. Fatma El Zahraa goes to the extreme when she advises her readers and trains them how to take control of their own bathroom design!

Tables Through Time and Practice

Tarabesa is not a typical Arabic word. It could be one of the multi-origin words that we have in everyday language in Egypt. Could it ancient Egyptian Coptic, Greek, Italian, Latin, or Amazeegh? The answer is clearly not known. Noreen goes the importance of tables as a fundamental element in any interior space.

Bedroom Haven

In theory, RIP shouldn't be engraved on tombstones. They should be chiseled into your own bedroom doors as well. No, RIP does not have negative connotation! Everyone has the right to rest in peace while being alive of course!

Mirror Mystique

Have you ever been to one of those amusement parks where they have A House of Mirrors? In essence, mirrors mimic the reality that we live in. It's been there since we were born. It's a fundamental part of you.

Japanese Magic Sticks

The Orient is an amazing place to explore and great place to think and reflect about the wonders of civilization. The arts in the orient show the skill and hard work of all the craftsmen in the area. It's an aura of ethnicity which is simply unparalleled.