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A new Italian brand Glamora released several new collections of vinyl wallpaper as an imperative part of its newest line this year. Karim Rashid, being one of the main designers involved in this project, set new standards for wall design in an effort to revamp not just your house but the market itse...

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Pininfarina introduces the latest Ferrari model, Sergio, a car made for those who live on the edge! Tell those who believe that car design has its limits to eat dust because now Sergio has set a new standard for innovation with this state-of-theart concept car.

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If the glittering stars are among the most pleasant celestial bodies to look at and ponder upon in the sky, then the ships are definitely the luminary stars of the seas! If Egyptians possess the largest portion of human history, we have preceded many people being the pioneers in the craft of shipbui...

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Founded in Barcelona in 1987, nanimarquina, the famous carpets and textiles designing firm, owned and managed by an artist with the same name, reveals a distinctive collection of rugs, which will give us the opportunity to reconvene with Mother Earth once again, discovering new benefits of some mate...

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This might be the most wondrous idea, but in fact, practically speaking, it virtually happens! All of us travel in time; coming from a childhood memory,

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Each and every house has an unparalleled unique atmosphere of its own! It is either boisterous and tumultuous or tranquil and placid depending on the singular characteristics of the denizens. The more appropriate the atmosphere, the less the cause for melancholy and turbulences.

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Fit for Advertising

Alrik Koudenburg and RJW Elsinga have designed the JWT Amsterdam office, a new space fit for creativity. The duo base their design on the philosophy that once you improve the surroundings of your client, then you have ultimately help them with their job in being creative. The office overlooks a historic district of Amsterdam and is only a walking distance from all the facilities that its employees need.

Burgbad Beauty Queens

With the aim to dazzle more clients around the globe, Burgbad, a glaring name in the field of manufacturing bathroom furniture and concepts, founded in Germany in 1945, reveals three Beauty Queens.

Walking on the Bed of the Ocean

Boltshauser Architekten, one of the leading architectural firms established in Germany, has won the first prize in the competition held to choose the best design to construct an aquarium and spatial extension to the Zoo located in Basel. Seif looks at the profound design efforts that architects took up in order to complete this project

The Ravishing Letters of Light

DelightFULL, a lamps design and manufacturing firm, headquartered in Oporto, Portugal, introduces its new hot Graphic Lamp Collection for those looking for exclusiveness. DelightFULL will convert your visualization into tangible lamps that would brighten up your day!

Aeon Furniture Opens in Heliopolis.

Aeon Furniture, a new furniture store keen on offering the Egyptian market world class, budget-friendly furniture, opened their first showroom in Heliopolis last month. The new store is owned by Egyptian architect and entrepreneur Tareq Hashim, who was raised in Kuwait and started his own architectural firm Architix Architects in 2006.

Salone Internzationale del Mobile: A Global Tribute to Innovation

This year Fiera Milano was flooded with visitors from all over the world, all of whom were speaking many different languages yet have one language in common: design. Salone Internazionale del Mobile this year has once again proven its power for being the main global design event.

Cityscape Revives the Egyptian Real Estate Market

With nearly 100 real estate companies participating this year occupying an area of nearly 15,000 square meters, Cityscape 2013 from the 28th-31st of March at the Cairo International Conference Center and many experts saw the exhibition as an important step to reviving the real estate market in Egypt.