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Powerful But Ritzy

Bentley's new Mulsanne introduces a new love relationship between might and style in the company's explosive design concoction. Car designers have always been struggled with might-is-right concept while keeping a car classy and cool. It's a difficult balancing act balance the rough elements with ...

Discovering the Art of Bead-Making

I remember when I was still a youngster and I stood with my friend staring at a little glass bead in a jewelry shop; wondering how it was made. "Is this painted?" We wondered. "No, the shapes are inside", we retreated. "Is it sculptured?"- "But still, how were the shapes fused inside?!!" we still...


As the Czech Republic is renowned for its glass and crystal work, it was essential that some of its best designers and producers of glass should be represented at the event. Thus, Pacinek Glass and Lasvit were both present. Pacinek, a glass artist; who creates handmade glass statues and artwork; as...

The Design Enlightenment

It was around 8:30 pm and I managed to get front row seats to a lecture about landscape architecture. I thought I was in for something that might as well should have been in Chinese, but turned out to be quite enlightening.. The lecturer was Dr. Tarek Bashir, a landscape architect who had explain...

Taking Egyptian Homes To the Next Level

The word glamour has a special meaning, it's everywhere around us, whether we choose to see it or not. Among us, live people who see this word and work really hard to always find it at their convenience. Decor and interior designing is part of the meaning of "Glamour." With the right elements, ligh...

An Eclectic Project on the Black Sea Coast

Considered to be number one get away for those trying to elude the merciless Russian cold, communism, and the everyday catastrophes, Odessa is a small Ukrainian city perching on the edge of the turquoise waters of the Black Sea. Though Odessa bears the architecture typical of its region, Mariana Bon...


Lying amidst the quiet ambience of old houses in Heliopolis, Al-Khan showroom welcomes its visitors with an oriental atmosphere created with the colors of rugs and shine of copper accessories as well as the scent of oriental incense; inviting one's heart to the inside. Al-Khan Rugs originally sta...

Kristalia-Aesthetic Designs

Kristalia was established in 1994, by young local entrepreneurs joined by two common passions: design and jazz. The company is nestled in the green countryside of north-eastern Italy, in an area traditionally active in this sector. A strong bond to the countryside is reflected in the productions tha...

A Design Guru At His Best

Each individual is born unique and his/her achievements throughout life strengthen their exceptionality; allowing them to celebrate success on every step of the journey. Being different, innovative, and modern is the answer of carving your name in history; leading you to being at the top of the wo...


As the summer season approaching our skylines, wedding bells are only around the corner. With wedding-lists to be made, summer houses to be furnished; Kartell had it all planned well for you. Check the many collections found in store, and of which are featured below: T-Table by Patricia Urquiola:...

The Bespoke: Armani Hotel, Dubai

Armani Hotel Dubai, the world's first hotel designed and developed by Giorgio Armani, is in the iconic Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The hotel's novelty construction is only a reflection of the pure elegance, simplicity and sophisticated comfort that define Armani's signature style.

Danish City Fairytales at Shanghai

Danish architectural firm, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) has decided to make fairytales the main theme and concept behind the Danish Pavilion's design at Shanghai World Expo 2010. They even named the pavilion "Welfairytales;" a name resulting from a combination of welfare with fairytales and as BIG explain it, "A Welfairytale is when lifestyle, consumption and growth go hand-in-hand with sustainability and social consideration."

Dive into the Orient

Let's dive into this authentic Chinese cultural experience! Based on traditional Chinese village life, the design and architecture of the Aman Hotel is made to emulate village life; hence, the master plan is a stimulating hybrid between contemporary and local Chinese design. The hotel offers 42 rooms, 16 of which are Village Rooms, nine are Villa Suites, 12 are Deluxe Suites, four are Village Villas, and one is the Amanfayun Villa.

Casa Son Vida….Sink Into Spanish

On the Spanish island of Mallorca, a joint design venture by architectural firm tec architecture and interior design firm, Marcel Wanders Studio has revolutionized the way we see luxury. On this island, Casa Son Vida bloomed; turning the commercial tourist destination of Mallorca into a hotbed for state-of-the-art residences bound to create a whole new type of design, dialogue from interior to exterior.

Relocating An Egyptian Landmark Where To

The Egyptian museum, a favorite longtime landmark will be relocated from its current place in “Tahrir-square” to “El-Haram District”, where the Grand Pyramids lye. The Grand Museum of Egypt, which is to be located at the first desert plateau outside Cairo, between the great Pyramids of Giza and Cairo, is shortly described as the largest museum of the Egyptian arte-facts in the world and one of the largest museums around the globe. The Museum is designed with a vision, as a cultural complex of activities devoted to Egyptology and will include a conference facility, library and multimedia facilities.

Al Hakim Mosque: A Monument With A Colorful History

Right at the very last edge of Shari Al Muiz Lidin Allah, before you exit Fatimid Cairo through the medieval gate of Bab Al Fotouh, you first come across the largest mosque in the area; Al Hakim Bi-Amr Allah's mosque. Just like the man whose name it carries, Al Hakim's mosque is one of the most controversial religious structures in Cairo. Its history is perhaps just as colorful as Cairo's own history, full of glory, intrigue, controversy, and ultimately is human history on a small scale.

A Sustainable, Secure, and Stylish Sanctuary On Laidley's Lane

Sustainability, security, and style are often the three "S" words in your Oxford English Dictionary which you would expect to contradict each other. Yet, a simple trip to 147 Laidley Street in San Francisco will reveal the ultimate urban infill designed for sustainability, style, and most importantly children's security. Designed by architectural principal Jim Zack and his wife Lise de Vito from Zack/ De Vito Architecture, the Laidley Residence is an interesting contemporary addition to San Francisco typically Victorian classical streets.

Zanotta's Nourishing Novelties

Italian industrial design firm Zanotta introduced several new collections, which can only be awkwardly described as nourishing. William issues from the idea of destructuring sofas into "comfort layers", not just visually, but in practice, starting from the structural elastic bottom layer, moving on to a central layer of foam polyurethane and, finally, to an ultra soft top layer with down cushions," said Williamson in a press statement. "Three layers of comfort designed to sustain the back seem to float on feet." Let's take a look a Damien Williamson's designs.

Sight, Sound, and Touch

Palucco design house's Foglie family of lamps is inspired by trees, leaves, creepers and all sorts of vegetal natural beauty. Designer Matali Crasset said, describing the concept behind these new creations, "I did not set out to copy nature but to bear witness to its magnificence. What is so amazing about nature is the intrinsic force contained in every plant, which blossoms in the spring. A vertical force that starts at one point then develops in space as it searches for light. I think this tension is appropriate for adorning light: a powerful force that starts in one point and then branches out."

I'd Like My Kitchen "Well Done" Please

Upon the visit of the Czech company, Koryna, to Egypt recently and our seeing their beautiful catchy designs and after knowing the long history behind the company, we had to capture the chance to see what Koryna offers and to listen to their tips for reaching that well done kitchen that would be suitable for every woman's wishes.

Tartaruga Tames The Wild Outdoors

Tartaruga is one firm that studies the environment well, to design furniture, transferring nature's complete effect. One such example is the Valeria Pergola, which was designed by Masoni Out Design. This pergola adapts an interesting spider-like configuration; spreading wide outwards to completely isolate a part of the environment, where you can sort of create your own outdoor living room.

From the Digital to the Demystified World

Standard, an LA-based architectural firm, designs a new groundbreaking retail store for Revolve. It's one of those cases where design brings what originally was a store in the digital world into reality. "For REVOLVE's retail debut, our design needed to fulfill our clients requirements both from functional and a symbolic standpoint," said Silvia Kuhle, Standard Partner.

Bareeq: A Blend of Glamour, Sensuality, and Luxury

A few weeks ago, I was walking down 26th of July Street in Zamalek with a friend of mine when we came across one such shop. As we passed by, we felt compelled to stop in our tracks and look at the façade. Black cursive letters on a gold background proclaimed “Bareeq Luxury Optics”.

Razzaz and the River Hermits

Artist Mostafa El- Razzaz chose a series of paintings and sculptures to capture the awe-inspiring symbiosis, between the Nile River and its fishing community in a solo exhibition at Safar Khan Gallery.

Food Design: A New Wave of Art

Talented, sophisticated, and visionary are three characteristics that determine a creative being; who can conquer our modern world with the power of art and difference. Determined to make a difference and act upon making a change, Linda Kowalski was able to create a new vibe of design named "Food design'. In other words, she creates "art on a plate", as vibrant artists call her work.

Carnivore’s Ultimate African Experience

Watching Ace Ventura movies gave me a general idea of what Africa is like. Tribal wooden masks and statues are all characteristic of what many perceive as a typically Kenyan design. Carnivore, a new restaurant located in Giza, which has opened its doors to all you hungry carnivores brings the African experience to your doorstep. Now, you can enjoy delicious and diverse selections of all types of meat and poultry; while taking in the picturesque view of the Nile, a rare opportunity for most Thursday night out goers.

Egypt Marks Its Presence at Milan For the Sixth Time

Up to 15 Egyptian furniture and design companies traveled to Milan this year to represent their country at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile. The Egyptian exhibitors included: Al Cazar, Asal Furniture, Amr Helmy Designs, Arket Wood, Ayyad Furniture, Egyptian European Company for Furniture, El-Azab Furniture, El-Gallad Furniture, Mobeliana, Meuble for French Furniture, Misr Toronto Furniture, Shadishal, Shoulah, Ultimate Design and Wood Equipment.

+20 Design Egypt Has Taken Off!

History has been written with a series of events, some being more earthshaking than others. But no other event could be considered worth putting in the history books than +20 Egypt Design (+20 standing for Egypt's international area phone code).Taking place simultaneously with FURNEX (Egypt's International Furniture and Home Furnishings Trade Fair). The event to be a mouth-dropping display of contemporary furniture fused with local motifs to create interesting hybrid pieces.