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Le marche XXX

Introduction "Tis the season to be wealthy! That's one carol, we certainly won't be singing this year at Le Marche. For this year, design has declared independence from the constraints of class boundaries. Style must be shared, as some have finally begun to say. Money no longer matters because it i...


We're back! After a long hiatus, we are back to discussing Nisreen Hashish's single most ambitious residential architectural and interior design project. And for today, we start from scratch by telling you the tale of how Hashish designed the bathrooms. Ah yes, the bathrooms! Bathrooms have a spe...

Egypt's Essence... With A Pen

The artworks displayed here are a collection of drawings created by a truly down to earth artist, namely Shaaban Ee'id. In his artworks, he takes us to different spots of Egypt, where he's met most of the characters featured here and communicated with their eyes. And through these works, Shaaban has...


Camille Fox takes us back to a nostalgic era of charming Pasha's and elegant ladies, of concertos and pleasant evenings, and of the exuberant lifestyle that once roamed the neighborhoods of Egypt. A time when sitting in silence and listening to the birds chirping, frogs ribbeting, and the soft sound...


When you've been around for over 1000 years, you've probably seen quite a lot in your lifetime. Imagine: a whole millennium with all its wars, conquests, plagues and technological discoveries. Arguably the most important mosque in Cairo, and perhaps in all of Egypt, Al Azhar Mosque dates back to the...


Las Vegas is moving to Singapore, literally! Marina Bay sands hotel is an exciting new project by the Las Vegas Corporation that is going to bring more action to an already robust city. The Project will serve more than just a business venture, but will be a new gateway to Singapore.

Freedom: The Style of Tomorrow

Bobby Dekeyser, once the talented goal keeper of the Munich soccer team, is founder of Dedon. In the most bizarre of circumstances Dekeyser managed to bring forth the "world's premiere furniture brand. Back then Dekesyer had no long-term vision for his designs; he says the idea was simply "to work with family and friends in a nice environment, creating beautiful things together."


The fascination with handcrafted furniture stems from the fact that we live in an age where handmade things are very rare and special. Everything is so mass-produced and exact, there's hardly any human element left in all the objects that surround us in our daily lives. That's why handmade furniture, especially furniture of the classical variety, is actually refreshing!


It's the most wonderful time of the year, with the kids jingle belling and everyone telling you, be of good cheer! It's the most wonderful time of the year, it's the hap-happiest season of all and so accordingly Alessi uncovers holiday treasures crafted from the finest porcelain!

Stained Glass Masquerade

The Residential Church Utrecht is quite an exceptional project, for it demonstrates one of those pictures that are worth a thousand words, it is at once admirable and puzzling. The from interior to exterior to the overall transformation is quite a phenomenon! Witness a church that has been quickly yet meticulously refurbished to look homier.

Snow White, Inside Out

In winter, the city of Cuneo; Northern Italy, welcomes the snow that covers the Maritime Alps and floods toward the mountain's foot, whitening Cuneo's streets and homes. And as we celebrate the winter now, we decided to take a tour in this "Horizontal Space" of Cuneo; which was designed by Damilano Studio Architects.

A New Era of Porcelain

With AFID Trading Co, porcelain is now taking a new direction! The porcelain tiles of today can reach the dimensions of 1m by 3m; which adds a new perspective to architectural design and construction technologies. The new dimensions also mean that porcelain could be used in building facades without making them look like they were hatched. It also has light weight; compared say to marble or granite; and so would resolve load problems in structures; especially in Nile Cruisers where heavy weight materials cause load obstacles.

Nature's Inspiration for Home Accessories

These Boontje Series is a collection of furniture and home accessories designed by Tord Boontje from the design firm Botanist. It's a play with color, texture, and a whole lot of action. This collection includes tableware such as candles and small well-designed lanterns as well as large pieces of furniture made to cater to consumer needs.

A Child's Haven

Welcome to a world where dreams come true. Kidtropolis is a design company, where kids finally get their share of attention. After having children of his own, designer Chris Jones "found himself constantly designing and building cool, creative items that would make his home more functional and more fun." After seeing the success of those projects, Jones coupled up with designer David Frank and decided to open a children's haven called Kidtropolis.

Mosaic Around the World

Bisazza has been enriching the global market with its fine glass mosaic products for 54 years! In this issue, we'll explore some mosaic projects including its spas, boutiques, and hospitality projects. We will feature the Peninsula Spa by Esa in New York, The Chapel Hotel in Munich, the Club 1981 in Taiwan, and the Wedding Suite Bathroom for Hotel de Russie in Rome.

king in Bathroom Heaven

After a long hiatus, we are back to discussing Nisreen Hashish's single most ambitious residential architectural and interior design project. And for today, we start from scratch by telling you the tale of how Hashish designed the bathrooms. Bathrooms at times can sometimes be the most complicated component of the design. It's your interior grooming space, so it should be a place of respite.

Get Some Warmth On A Winter Day

Bathroom design house, Gentry Home, created a collection of bathtubs inspired by classical tubs that hark back to happier times, before showers became the preferred mode of washing up. Nothing beats a warm bath as a natural pick-me-up when you're depressed or feeling a little under the weather. Just fill the tub withhot water, bubble bath, aromatherapy and oils.