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Mehrez Furniture-A Touch of Glamor

Khaled Mehrez has a problem. His problem is that he is close to perfection and he doesn't even realize it. In this case, Mehrez combines diamonds and leather in an authentic, new modern style interior which binds itself with Egyptian identity.

Landscaping Made Easy with Gilbert Toutoungi

Gilbert Toutoungi is a Lebanese landscape architect who agreed to meet with ASK Magazine to discuss the secret behind his success. You will discover that it's no simple story. Toutoungi is a self-made entrepreneur who designs landscapes based on the simplest of models.

Furnishing My House Made Me Famous

Dalia interviews Ramy and Suzie William, a dynamic duo and a couple built on the idea that design is the essence of life itself. Love of each other is not at the heart of their relationship only, but it's also the passion for beauty which brings these two-winged love birds together.

Your Home Can Be An Ideal Place For An Engagement Party

Why spend so much money on expensive weddings, limousines, and lavish parties? Your own household can be the most festive place in the world! You just have to make the most of the experience and have everything you need in place. In this article, Nader shows you how.

Spotlight on Daghash

Reem El Shennawi interviews the great Mohamed Daghash and his army of hard workers to redefine outside summer design. Daghash is known to be an expert in the field and has used his many years of experience to dominate the umbrella and outdoor market.

ID Design Leads A Maadi Modernist Revolution In Interior Designing

The ID Design store in Maadi which has just recently opened has a number of interesting collections to show its customers. It's a fundamental breakthrough in the field of design, which leaves buyers a wild goose chase. But wait... the best is yet to come.

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Well are they? Hend tries to answer this question in her piece about what we can do with designing using diamonds. You don't jewelry but you also need