If home improvement and taking more time to yourself are some of your New Year’s resolutions, then look no further than the incredibly indulgent Vessel bathtub by Splinter Works.

The stunning suspended sculpture seamlessly unites the peaceful experience of kicking-back in a hammock, with the joy of sinking into a hot bath, and makes a beautiful and unique addition to your home.

Splinter Works Vessel Hanging Bath Gold

Vessel, which is made of carbon fibre, boasts a special foam core designed to keep the bath water hotter for longer, elevating relaxation to a whole new level.

Specially designed for use in wet rooms, the beautifully curvaceous Vessel hangs from steel brackets on the wall, and is filled from a floor-standing tap.

Splinter Works Vessel Hanging Bath Gold

And at 2.7 metres long, the Vessel experience is designed to be shared, and it can also be trimmed by up to 20cm for the perfect fit.

“Struck by the synergy between the shapes of two compelling symbols of relaxation, a hammock and a bath tub, we were inspired to develop a piece that would provide the ultimate vehicle for total escapism,” said Miles Hartwell, Co-founder Splinter Works.

Splinter Works Vessel Art Tub Black

Vessel is available at the expansive Platinum House showroom on Umm Suqeim Road, Al Barsha 2, Dubai. Price upon request.

Platinum House opened its doors a few months ago and is the first concept store in the region to offer a full service solution for those looking to refurbish or upgrade their home, office or yacht. At 6,000 sq. ft., the showroom features stunning Italian kitchens, luxury sitting rooms and beautiful bedrooms alongside the ultimate Home Theatre experience. Each dedicated space blends leisure and convenience to play host to an array of discreet integrated technology solutions which include full lighting, curtain and blind, and multi-room music control – all at the touch of an iPad.

Splinter Works Vessel Hanging Bath Black

Platinum House

Platinum House is wholly owned by Platinum Corporation, which represents the global headquarters of a multi-business conglomerate that has prospered in 18 countries over the past 40 years. Platinum is associated with leading multinationals from Europe, Asia and the USA in driving business development. Over the years the company has grown its stronghold in the markets of West Africa and Middle East.