Cities has always been known for its extensive inventory of home accessories, interior décor, art and design, and now Cities is adding to its offerings with an exclusive selection of fashion. In addition to abaya and kaftan collections from Dina JSR and Orient 499, Cities has expanded to include creations from Italian fashion designers Andrea Turchi and Laura Strambi.

Andrea Turchi studied design at the Callegari Institute and got his start in fashion after winning a design contest which resulted in a position at Byblos, where he worked as an assistant on women’s collections and accessories. He then collaborated on knitwear with Alessandro Dell’Acqua before striking out on his own in 2000. Turchi released his first collection under his own name in 2001, which was awarded the Limoni Freshion award, and in 2003, he released his first perfume, Andrea Turchi. He has continued releasing two collections per year, and his most recent Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 collection is now available at Cities.

“Andrea Turchi addresses his collections to a woman who plays between past and present times,” who can exist in the world of imagination or reality, and who is not afraid to show both her romantic and ironic sides in everyday life. Turchi envisions a woman who is conscious of her own sensuality and living in the new millennium, who doesn’t love excess, but loves experimenting and is drawn to unusual dressmaking details, updated volumes and materials. Turchi utilizes materials such as mohair, cashmere, viscose and cottons, which he transforms using new and experimental techniques such as silicone treatments and “super soft” washings. The result is designs which are modern and make an impact, as they are the combination of research and imagination captured in the perfect package.

The Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 collection from Andrea Turchi, which is available at Cities, takes its inspiration from a comic strip heroine. Her expression, accessories, and the girl herself, are presented in the prints used in the collection to impart a unique and ironic feel. The main materials used are a silk twill and printed crepon which add to the young, fierce vibe of the collection. This latest collection is also noteworthy for its unusual fabric combinations such as the knitwear and neoprene, as well as its environmentally-friendly materials which include the merino and leather used in several designs.

Laura Strambi has made contributions to the fields of contemporary art, design and theater and she has significant experience in fashion design for women in the prêt–à–porter sector. Among her noteworthy accomplishments, she has designed luxury textile accessories for Bulgari, and also made creations for Swarovski. She is a visiting lecturer on fashion at the University of Bologna, and was a guest professor for the Fashion department at Yeditipe University in Istanbul. She has worked as a costume designer for several theater and opera productions, and also designed the uniforms for the flight attendants at Air Dolomiti.

Her extensive research in textiles led her to produce the Laura Strambi YOJ brand which combines luxury, design, and environmentally friendly materials and processes. Conceived as a research collection, it utilizes only materials produced with respect for humanity and the environment; only organic fibers, only colors extracted from nature, and shows a respect for renewable energy sources and control of the production of materials. The YOJ brand premiered in 2013 in Dubai in collaboration with Vogue Italia.

Laura Strambi’s designs are “characterized by soft lines, built on the architecture of the body.” Designed and produced by Laura Strambi, each item is unique and completely handmade at every step in the process, from drawing, length, tailoring and coloring. Working under the philosophy that we must live and work responsibly, Strambi retains sensitivity towards renewable energy resources and control of production of materials. As a result of her research on natural textile production and organic dyes, she utilizes eco-friendly materials such as biological fibers and natural dyes in all of her collections. Her Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 collection is currently available at Cities.

In addition to the fashionable designs on display from Italian fashion designers Andrea Turchi and Laura Strambi, and abayas and kaftans from Orient 499 and Dina JSR, Cities now offers Spektre sunglasses in a variety of designs and styles. Spektre Sunglasses are the perfect accessory to accent your style and are now available at Cities.

Established in 2009, Spektre sunglasses are made in Milan and offer exclusive designs which combine premium quality with original style. Spektre has become the go-to brand for stylists, designers, fashion editors and supermodels. As creators of “the iconic frames for those who like to dare,” Spektre produces sunglasses which successfully combine retro style with high quality protection lenses, resulting in urban-cool shades that are the must-have items for trendsetters and style enthusiasts. Famous Spektre fans include Poppy Delevingne, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber and Rihanna.

Spektre shades are offered in numerous styles, making them a perfect fit for any location or activity. From island-hopping in the Caribbean, to skiing in the Alps, or strolling down a city street, Spektre sunglasses are made to match. Combining functionality and exclusivity and offering the perfect blend of elegance and street style, Spektre sunglasses allow you to display your impeccable taste and unconventional style. Find them now at Cities!