Much like the way design works, Cube Architects started from an idea and eventually became a reality with its new, youthful formula, offering Egyptian clients an innovative approach to the way modern architecture should be done. Along with its being a private firm, Cube Architects boasts an openminded business model acting as a platform to share ideas about all types of issues concerning the next generation of designers.

But ideas are not in short supply, as much as challenges are. Meeting the challenge is what the studio’s team, Yasser Alaa Fahmy, Ahmed Amr Amin, Karim Maher, and their colleague Sarah El-Gohar, is all too familiar with. Yet, in the end, the results that are achieved are often world class quality designs that one would expect to see from any top grade architectural firm around the world.

Design to Cube Architects is more than just a service, rather it is a belief that in order to improve the psyche of society, it’s up to designers to ultimately enhance the quality of their surroundings so that society can lead a more prosperous life. The studio was built not only on the idea that making profit is what drives a business, rather it is the passionate support for innovative philosophy in changing the way people live using design that can ultimately drive the business towards providing a new way of living for people.

For them, it is the contemporary world of architecture that really shows the true skill of the architect. It’s minimalist, straight, simple and to the point, showing the viewer the perfection involved. It was the skill of these designers that was demonstrated widely in their residential projects including the Saif Residence, Fares Residence, IA Apartment, AA Apartment and E apartment among many others. Particularly interesting among all these projects was the Saif Residence which was for a client in Saudi Arabia, integrating an interesting modern approach to the geometrical beauty and intricacy most prominent in Islamic architecture.

On the commercial front, Cube Architects also completed projects including GC Cakery, Mehawig, Garad Media, Les Elites Spa, Fit Box Gym. Most appealing was the Fit Box Gym with the use of color, engagement, and energy to create a conducive environment for exercising, lifting weights, and boxing. In office design, Cube Architects also conveyed the same energetic use of color, used to visually engage the visitor in the scenery, when designing the PR agency The Publicist Inc., incorporating a mixture of light blues and natural wood elements to streamline the scene.


Their public projects also seem just as ambitious, designing the Nimran Tower, the K Clinic, Abd El Kader Fahmy Hospital with a facade renovation as well as a Hostel and Youth Center. K Clinic was of particular interest with its unique organic designs, using volumes and curves to provide the patients, who come to the clinic, with a sense of safety and comfort.


Their years of hard work have earned them a number of notable accomplishments from designing some of the most well-known hospitals to working with global brands. Some of their main clients include Dorra Group, Takeda, Abu Auf, Red Bull, Target, and Abd El Kader Fahmy Hospital.

Cube Architects has also been active in its participation in competitions, presenting their work to an international audience to ensure that they are in tune with the tastes and trends on a global scale. These competitions include ThyssenKrupp Elevator Architecture Award 2011

which took place in Turkey where the firm had designed a proposal for the Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Center as well as another competition organized by Magaz Magazine where they had designed the School of the Future, the Green Agriculture Sustainable Nature Color Elementary School which won an honorable mention.

Educational has been among the calls real drives of Cube Architects as a firm to become a platform for young architects to share ideas. Up till now, as the team stipulates, architectural schools in Egypt are still trapped in which took place in Turkey where the theoretical world, often not taking notice of the importance of adequately training students about the realities involving modern architectural practice in the local arena. For them, Cube Architects is a hands-on school for the training of the next generation, as much as it is a private company.

Though the firm remains active in its innovative philosophy of changing local design paradigms, it's the patience and persistence of the team at Cube Architects which has paid off, resulting in the success that they have enjoyed up to this very day. As Imam Al Ghazali once said in a reflection on patience, "Desires make slaves out of kings and patience makes kings out of slaves.”

Images courtesy of Cube Architects