A select group of media members and lifestyle enthusiasts dined out at Dos Cañas last Tuesday. The small but jaunty crowd sampled globetrotting flavors from different corners of the globe; from South American staples to Indian-spiced delicacies, and continental classics.

Located at the Cairo Capital Club in Garden City, the dinning space sits on the building’s rooftop with a backdrop of the Nile and a commanding view of the city. Dos Cañas offers an environment of intimate tranquility and exquisite taste, perfect for an evening of relaxation and mingling with friends, or family.

Dos Cañas’ tapas menu features a variety of small, boldly-flavored dishes, which part with traditional Spanish recipes and instead offer diners a delectable culinary journey of mixed influences and ethnic twists.

The concept behind Dos Cañas is created by OB Hotels & Restaurants; a hospitality company specialized in conceptualization, creation and management of boutique hotels and restaurants.