The Batter Half & Co., has celebrated the launch of their new ice cream selection last Tuesday, inviting influential style bloggers, members of the press, fashion designers, artists, and food enthusiasts, for a tasting of their variety of flavors as well as a chance to get creative by building their own ice cream sundaes using a medley of toppings.

Ice Cream Sundae

The ice cream menu features an array of flavors like Chocolate, Nutella, Red Velvet, Mandarin, Rose, Yogurt with berries, Hibiscus, Lemon, Mastic, Vanilla Oreo, Pinacolada, Peanut Butter, Pistachio, Speculoos and Watermelon. In addition to more ice cream flavors, their toppings includes caramel, berry and chocolate sauces, pistachios, gummy bears, banana, kiwi and mango chunks, Oreo cookies, caramel chips, marshmallows, chocolate, and rainbow sprinkles.

Fashion Designer Nada Akram

Their ice cream is now available at their North Coast stores at Hacienda Bay’s Lake Yard and at Hacienda White’s El Corte Mall. It will be available in Cairo’s Zamalek store mid-September.

Make Up Artist Yasmine Ebeid

Their new selection of ice cream is a new addition to their existing menu that is split up into different sections featuring their own specials, macaroons, cake slices, cake pops, cupcakes, mini bites, ice cream macaroons and a selection of teas and coffees.

Radio Host Farida El Khadem
Fashion Blogger Berna Ibrahim & International Luxury Fashion Buyer Giovanina Attieh

The Batter Half & Co. was founded in 2012 to fill an urgent need in the Egyptian culinary scene to bring back the “belle époque” of patisseries in Cairo, primarily specialized in desserts. Being a homegrown brand gives them the necessary flexibility to streamline and develop their menu, whilst ensuring they maintain the highest quality. Part of the Batter Half’s concept is to mix traditional desserts and new flavors to create desserts that are both delicious and unfamiliar. They use only top quality ingredients sourced to them directly from suppliers to guarantee everyday freshness and quality.

Award Winning Fashion Stylist Laila Youssef
Selection of Ice Cream Toppings
Award Winning Model Ramy Rainier
Visual Artist Noha Bahr & Architect Designer Dina Bahr
Build Your Own Sundae