Euromobil Group works in a great many sectors of the furniture industry, but what particularly concerns them is people’s morning grooming habits. It is this critical moment during the day which creates the striking first impression that people want to make every day at work or at a posh dinner party. One of the company’s brands Zalf presents an entire collection of creatively designed closets to make your morning dressing mode more organized and efficient than ever.


Dress rooms, closets, wardrobes…. these three products are the name of the game for Euromobil's Zalf brand. Targeting a significantly demanding portion of the market, Zalf worked with world-class designers to produce a series of wardrobes that are sure to ease the stress involved in that vital process of tuning up your tuxedo before any wedding!


Dressing isn’t easy for many people and that’s what makes the Combi system a necessary component for any modern bedroom with its titanium frame finish and glass doors, making any fashionable collection clothes organized and neatly laid out without kinks, wrinkles, or stains. Picà, a cabinet with a unique titanium finish, is also a component that the company offers it several different colors.

“The furniture for the sleeping area by Zalf opens the series of new products with the elegant wardrobe Combi System with conventional glass doors Crystal and frame in titanium finish, that is also proposed in the original Open version like a comfortable and large walk-in cabinet,” said a press statement from Euromobil Group. “Also the intriguing walk-in cabinet Picà amazes with the exclusive design of its accessories, which are available in a wide range and in several colours. Here the refined uniqueness of the titanium finish stands out.”

But of course, maestros have to work with more than one instrument in order to complete the entire symphony. Euromobil did such with the works of Marc Sadler, using modular concepts and strong character to design bookshelf LZ. That along with the elegance of the console Dabliu-in designed by Setsu&Shinobu; Ito, makes an overall pleasant experience with its sleek fine lines and light components.

“Design again prevails in the living area by Zalf with the bookshelf LZ by Marc Sadler, based on a concept of plain modularity with a strong character and the bookshelf and console Dabliu-in by Setsu&Shinobu; Ito, in metal rod with wooden shelves, extremely light furnishing elements and suitable for several functions,” the statement added.

Euromobil Group’s new concept was presented several months ago at Salone Internazionale del Mobile, where the company the aimed to create revolutionary steps forwards in revamping the lifestyle of the average buyer so that they can feel better about the way they live. Living more fashionable ultimately means living more functional, such is the mantra that makes every furniture designer’s day.

Images courtesy of Euromobil Group