It is all too often that we underestimate what the value of vintage really is. Usually when someone asks you the name of a song, you reluctantly reply that “it’s an oldie”, as if it is out of style, out of date, and ultimately out of order. Yet, even in an oldie you can find wisdoms and memories that are priceless in an age where people camp outside showrooms so that they can get the latest model of anything they want. Indeed, this is the reality of the corporate world, but allow us to take a step back in time behind the lens of Arch. Karim El Hayawan’s DSLR camera only to rediscover the real value of memories the past.

Arch. El Hayawan takes a trip throughout Cairo to visit some of the city’s old buildings with specific focus on entrances. Now, doors can tell you a lot about what the place is like inside, but it can’t tell you about the nature of who resides within. That is, without a doubt question, that goes beyond what is captured by the camera, but what these pictures do capture is the connection to aesthetics and detail people had in better days.

Photography by Arch. Karim El Hayawan