Opening in Heliopolis right behind Merryland, Blend Furniture introduces its whole new in-store experience at the SEDA fabrics showroom on Nehro Street. Seeking introduce a new concept, Blend Furniture now offers the residents of Heliopolis its high quality, tasteful interior and furnishing solutions.

As parts of its new ambitious expansion plan, Blend Furniture has finally opened in Heliopolis, offering residents within the vicinity a funky “blend” of contemporary tasteful interior and furnishing solutions for their homes.

Living up to its name, Blend Furniture offers the ideal and most tasteful BLEND of “modern aspirations and traditional inspirations” as an haute-hub of elegant furniture and accessories. Located in the heart of Cairo but quickly expanding its services everywhere, the company’s products are sleek, stylish and sophisticated all in one trendy blend of tasteful elements. As Ramy Effat, being the Partner and Executive Manager of the store, simply put it: “We don’t allow our customers to compromise and we don’t compromise. We just deliver what’s good for the customer and what’s perfect for them, the perfect blend.”

Celebrating its opening in Heliopolis area with a festive event, Blend Furniture’s presence is not just like any typical furniture store, but its newly opened branch is a complete in-store experience made to be more flexible for the customer and to give potential buyers a wider range of options under the roof of the SEDA fabrics showroom.

Being Blend’s latest concept, the in-store experience was introduced with notable success to enable the company to more easily expand its locations, thereby serving a wider customer base. Priding itself on promoting the spirit of cooperation in business, the in-store experience also allows Blend to team up with some of the finest showrooms and stores in the home furnishing market, so that they can display innovative contemporary living solutions under one roof and side by side with some of the top home furnishing brands in Egypt. This new shop-in-shop concept is a two-store solution in one showroom.

Blend Furniture's presence in the SEDA showroom is not only symbolic of the prosperous partnership between the two brands, but the practicality is that it will serve in boosting the services the customers will need at their convenience. “SEDA is a very well-established brand in the market. They’ve also been able to an amazing job in just four years after its inception. We are really thankful to have this partnership with them,” Effat said. “What benefits the customer is that for sure any customer who wants to furnish his/her house will be looking for curtains, fabrics, and cushions. You always visit the furniture store separately and you always the visit the fabrics store separately. Now you can find both in one place. We’re the same team and we’re serving the same customer.”

Heliopolis is only just the beginning for Blend Furniture as plans are being set in motion for the in-store experience to be expanded in many other mediums. As a youthful brand concept, Blend Furniture aims to increase its cooperation with many other brands so that it can expand the scope of the services that it offers its customers in the future.

Photography by Noha Salama from Cloud 9 Studios Images courtesy of Blend Furniture