PORTO, Portugal | April 2015 | The Portuguese brand of Home Fashion Objects Darono, acclaimed for creating lively, eco-friendly designs and combining the art of handmade with innovation, is presenting, for the first time in America, at Maison & Objet Americas, Miami Beach, from 12 to 15 of May, Hall C, Stand 1227.

The sea-inspired decorative space presents as centerpieces the designs, recently debuted at the Parisian model. The living space is filled with stunning pastel hues, organic shapes and refreshing designs. The concept is brought to life and explored through the new product lines — The Jellyfish, The Reef and The Island. The new creations stand out not only for the bold design but also for the chosen colour scheme that includes subtle shades of orange, yellow and honey, to harmonize and balance with the brand’s signature bold hues. The wide range of colours allows the creation of funky and relaxing interiors very much in tune with the Miami Beach style.

One of the highlights of the decorative space is the Reef rug, a piece that recreates the endless underwater beauty through the patchwork technique. The generous proportioned Jellyfish suspension lamps add a unique sparkle to the ambience. The versatile modular sofa Island along with the organicity of the brands iconic pieces such as the Liana curtain or the Eucharis puff, are also emphasized in the decorative space. The pieces are born out the union between people and knowledge, materials and colours, ideas and inspirations from the different world cultures. Founded in Porto in 2013, Darono creates functional, dynamic designs, adaptable to different spaces, indoors and outdoors, and suitable for different moods and environments — the pieces are available in 22 different shades. Darono has a strong ethical approach towards environmental issues — the pieces are composed by an antibacterial and eco-friendly technical textile made of polyester and viscose, sourced from manufacturing leftovers.

In 2014, Darono decorated the cool vibed Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza and the Kids Club Hard Rock, as well as other famed retail spaces. The brand’s lively designs have been featured in prestigious international and specialised publications. Darono is exhibiting the new designs at Maison & Objet Americas, at Miami Beach Convention Center, in Miami Beach, from 12 to 15 of May, Hall C, Stand 1227.