Reny is a design firm established in Paris, France, which recently extended its business to tackle the Egyptian market, and aside from having an Egyptian as one of the owners, the whole company believes that extending their business to Egypt is a very wise move due to the huge and so rapid growing Egyptian market, Reny has become a name which is not only associated with its world class designs and projects, but a philosophy where everyone shares the credit and the opportunity to contribute to the company’s mission in providing elegant home solutions to serve a wide variety of clients in both countries.

Recently, the Reny team had celebrated their 1st anniversary in Egypt, and on the occasion of this merry event Arch. Ahmed Othman, the Founder of Reny, made the following statement: “Each and every one will claim that he is the biggest the most efficient and will deliver the best quality, but with us it is a bit different as aside from claiming the above mentioned points, we offer passion and dedication, which we believe, is what makes the real difference. We generated client selection criteria, not based on financial measurement, but more towards offering something new and creative in our work in order to gain the trust and satisfaction of every new and existing client by the final product. Despite our independence, I still believe we are a family based business, and due to our clients love and appreciation, our family keeps on growing more and more every day, I am very proud to have a skilled team of young architects and interior designers, who I believe, have made the whole company proud of their work,” said Arch. Othman.

Under the company’s brand name “Reny”, Arch. Osman sought to acquire a team of professionals and among a long list of very high talented calibers whom are on the Reny task force, making Kareem Abou Seada, the company’s Commercial Director, with his extensive multinational marketing and commercial expertise and considerably one of the biggest names in the commercial field, in addition to Shayma Al Masry, the company’s Managing Director, with her amazing managerial skills.

"As a team, we have succeeded in designing and executing more projects than before, which demonstrates the success behind our new concept"

As a team, we have succeeded in designing and executing more projects than before, which demonstrates the success behind our new concept. Working collaboratively under the banner of our brand name Reny has allowed us to serve a much more diverse market of clientele with a variety of different demands,” noted Ms. Al Masry.

“With more than 18 years behind me, I view Reny as an extremely promising and lucrative career move, the approach we are taking in our commercial activities is quiet elegant and unique, which will take the whole interior design industry into a new level, we operate on B2B and B2C modules and within each sector we are tackling new market segments never been communicated before by the design firms, not only with a very competitive price, but an unmatched quality outcome, and very soon you will hear about the new direction we are taking, , and as per my experience success only happens if there is dedication and purpose and Reny has plenty of both, Reny is here to offer a lot, and this is only the beginning for us, expect a lot for us in the very near future as we are here to stay dominate and expand’ added Mr. Abou Seada.

Synergy being its main business philosophy has been the foundational principle that has spurred Reny’s growth as one of the most prestigious architectural firms. Among new products to be launched soon, it is living proof that innovative minds when combined together can succeed in creating a story worth telling.

Images courtesy of Reny