The Avenue Pierre I de Serbie Apartment is the epitome and full definition of what it really means to live in high end real estate. Designed by Gérard Faivre, this apartment, situated in the exclusive area of Paris’ Golden Triangle, creates new standards of luxury living using his innovative philosophy and approach in creating high end residences with built-in concierge services and other amenities. Avenue Pierre I de Serbie Apartment exemplifies what it means to be live like a crème de la crème Parisian.

“Ready to live in luxury” doesn’t come that easy, except of course if you’re talking about living in places like Paris where it can be made by one man and one man alone, Gérard Faivre. Inspired by the city of love, Faivre designs the luxury apartment Avenue Pierre I de Serbie Apartment, located in the ritzy Golden Triangle area of the French capital. Its settings are in the center of Parisian heritage on the fourth floor of the Haussmannian Building which was built in 1860. The 270 square meter apartment is strategically positioned to enjoy scenic views of the city’s American cathedral in addition to the luxury residence of the renowned courtier Léonard.

In addition, the apartment also enjoys close proximity to some of the city’s most well-known locations including Avenue George V, Avenue Montaigne, Avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie, and Avenue des champs Elysée. The area also includes several lush mansions and boutiques, making it more than just a welcoming spectacle.

Paris' Golden Triangle is a local melting pot of the city's urban luxury properties.

In an area that is so saturated with the city’s historical heritage, it also plays a huge nationalistic role being named after King Pierre I Serbie who aided France when it was invaded by Germany. Faivre is only one of many creative designers and architects who had shaped the area, some of whom include Marquis of SERS whose efforts transformed the building into a lush mansion. This alone was a cause for many to be inspired resulting in the ingenious works of literature by the French Academy’s Henri Levadan as well as films by many producers most notably Jean-Luc Godard.

Paris' Golden Triangle is a local melting pot of the city's urban luxury properties.

The value on what’s outside this luxury apartment must be taken and preserved in what’s inside, and that was what the whole design strategy was about. For Faivre, maintaining the main essence and identity of this historic building was key in bringing about the space’s best qualities; hence the first task he faced was working with a restoration team to revive traditional elements, such as the intricate molding using gold and silver foil. Of notable success as well was Faivre’s initiative to revive of the structure’s traditional French flooring materials, known as “Point de Hongrie” wood parquet.

Keeping the authenticity of the structure was only part of the game. When it comes to designing the bedrooms, he quite simply hit the ball out the park by redesigning all the private spaces to create an area which is more meditative for his client. In doing so, he designed four bedrooms each of which have their different style, dressing room, and bathroom.

The Master Bedroom in particular was a spectacle of pure grandeur creating a relaxing area with its own living room, fireplace, study, as well as a steam room to unwind after the wear and tear of the busy city life. All amenities and decorative elements in all rooms originate from some of the finest luxury brands, adding value to each square meter of space he can get.

One thing found in common throughout the whole apartment in both public and private areas is the furnishing solutions become a key element in preserving the essence of what Faivre visualizes for this place.

With furnishings, Faivre successfully reinvigorates the spirit of the apartment, selecting Italian handmade rugs (such as that of “Pebble” yellow and grey sofa by Ereo Koivisto for Cappellini “Damas” wool, silk rug by Sahrai, and “Mia” plaid from Indigo Diffusion) and high quality furniture, each of which complement each other in balancing the harmony of the space as well as keeping sacred its main identity.

Each table, lighting unit, and decorative element laid out on the wall is an exhibition by itself, selected only from the finest names including “La Grue” terracotta sculpture by Flavie Van der Stigghel, “Bob” table by Jean Marie Massaud for Poltrona Frau, “Antler” armchair by Nendo for Cappellini, “Palm Fleur” lamp by Creative Light, “Bertoia” chair for Knoll, “Yong” black lamp from Guaxs.

Overall, Mr. Gérard, quite simply put, is the artist of grandeur, who can make a castle fit for a king! The transformation that was witnessed for the Avenue Pierre I de Serbie Apartment is a call for designers to respect heritage, even when it is used as living spaces for contemporary clients. It’s also a call that designers can create “ready-made” luxury spaces of the highest standards, as one-stopshop solution rather than the regular wear and tear of moving in and then furnishing. Along with his skillful use of authentic rich materials and luxury brands, the apartment carries priceless value for its client.

Images courtesy of Gérard Faivre Provided by Alexandra Public Relations