Throwing a rather elaborate celebration at the Sami Amin Designs showroom in Maadi, designers and visitors alike got to see the new elegant Sky Collection, designed by yours truly Sami Amin, for the pleasure of an ever-evolving market of style conscious buyers.

Taking pride in the past, Amin took the inspiration for his new collection from the pharaonic sky goddess “Nut”, a deity of the ancient Egyptians which personifies the sky and heavens. This element taken from Egypt’s rich ancient culture formed an ingenious theme, through which Nut was made a central character.

He wanted to design a collection having all the different sky elements but since he has always been mesmerized by Goddess Nut, he chose to use her as one of the main elements of beauty along with other sky components.

Sami Amin

“I am totally saturated by our culture and in love with our rich pharaonic heritage. Reflecting the Egyptian spirit is the most important thing in my work. Our heritage is significant to the world so we need to be the first ones to care about it and showcase its beauty in our work,” said Amin.

With Nut’s artistic shape, Amin adopted the bent shape of the goddess’ body to fully encompass her beauty in many of the sky collection’s pieces.

Yet, the story gets more interesting when you hear about the legend which revolves around how the sun moves across her body.

As the tale goes, she would swallow the sun by night and it will pass right through her body and then will be reborn by dawn, as if the sun is a new born baby at the beginning of every day.

More importantly, through this narrative, Sami Amin also wanted to relate the sun’s journey across Nut’s body with our lives, in that just as the sun passes through different phases of light and darkness, so do we as human beings in the way we live life, with the good times and bad times.

In some of his pieces, Amin also puts the sun and moon side to side, symbolizing dual nature of human beings, where all of us will have to pass through the dusk (being the darker stage of life; times of hardship) before being reborn and shining again at dawn (the lighter stage of life; times of prosperity). It is this contradiction that shapes the full realistic picture of our physical lives here on earth.

Graduating in 1988 from the Faculty of Fine Arts with a bachelor’s degree in architecture, Sami Amin chose to pursue an inspirational

artistic journey, developing a love for handcrafts and drawing. It was from this passion that bloomed a brand that would soon become the elegant signature of all Sami Amin bags, jewelry, and accessories. Now, Sami Amin is widely respected both locally for his culturally inspired designs and unique ideas.

Images courtesy of Sami Amin Designs