ASK Magazine has selected a number of paintings previously showcased at Al Masar Gallary in Zamalek for our readers to view and reflect upon from the exhibition “Gallery Collection” from May 2012 as well as “Impulsive Impressionism II” from March 2013. It is sometimes really when we look at blasts from the past that we discover something new, possibly something that we didn’t see in the first place even when you saw the same painting before.

Georges Bahgory Singing from Heaven II - Oil on Canvas - 100 x 120 cm - 2011

Here we won’t tell you what to think, rather we will let you feel the essence of the art. Picture this as your own little museum within the magazine, a temporary hiatus from the world of glitz and glam. Artists of these paintings that are shown here include Georges Bahgory, Hamdi Attia, Sami Aboulazm, Omar El Nagdy, and Hani Rashed, yet the above two exhibitions also showcased the work of many among Egypt’s finest artists, who are also held in high regard by our publication, the art community, and many others in the field.

Hamdi Attia Just in Blue - 120 x 200 cm Oil on panel - 2010

In celebration of Egyptian artistic ingenuity, “Gallery Collection” was a collective exhibition featuring the works many late, modern, and contemporary Egyptian artists shown here on this page. The exhibition also included the work of Egyptian artistic legend Taha Hussein as well as Essam Marouf, Ibrahim El Dessouki, Omar El Nagdy, Adel El Siwi, Kareem Al Qurity, Leila Ezzat, and Mahmoud Abdullah.

Hany Rashed Contemporary Women - Diptych - Mixed Media on Canvas - 60 x 100 cm - 2007 - Hany Rashed Contemporary Women - Diptych - Mixed Media on Canvas - 60 x 100 cm - 2007

“Impulsive Impressionism II” was a solo exhibition showcasing the work of Omar El Nagdy, expressing his impulsive reactions to themes garnered within his subconscious mind, which induced and stimulated emotions that have led to the expressive masterpieces that played a central role in this exhibition. El Nagdy depicts within his paintings Egyptian traditional social scenes and festivities.

Sami Aboul Azm Waiting - Oil on Canvas - 113 x 140 cm - 2012
Omar El Nagdy A Women's World - Mixed Media on Linen - 150 x 150 cm - 2013
Omar El Nagdy Beit El Omda - Mixed Media on Linen - 200 x 200 cm - 2012
Omar El Nagdy Doll Show II - Mixed Media on Canvas - 60 x 90 cm - 2010
Omar El Nagdy The Harem - Mixed Media on Canvas - 200 x 400 cm - 2012

Images courtesy of Al Masar Gallery