Kids have always been the joy of the next generation, with their worldview being innocent, friendly, and perked up with youthful energy. Lagrama being a master at everything that has to do with the young generation has burdened itself with a project so that kids can bunker down in comfort whenever its bed time!

So what can kids bunker down in these days? Well, its needless to say that Lagrama’s Cottage Bunk Bed would be one of your first ideal choices. Built for comfort and prestige, this bed is a good for any kid to cuddle up against his/her favorite stuffed animal to spend the night in the splendor of slumber. “The composition includes a practical wardrobe (100 cm depth) with chalkboard doors and a wall hanging desk with pencil holder and chalkboard,” includes the product description from the company.


Hany Saad, one of the Egypt’s top designers and an architectural star being the owner of Hany Saad Innovations, has opened a new youthful kids furniture brand here in Egypt called Caploonba, one branch has already opened close to Tivoli’s Dome in Heliopolis. Caploonba offers a myriad of different kids furniture, everything from cribs and cradles to stuffed animals, car beds, and colorful accessories made to make your home one of the most kid-friendly places design can make. The best thing to do make kids rooms colorful, extracting principles from the science of color psychology into something applicable within the setting of any child. Such would be the best approach when choosing your kids’ furniture. It’s all to make the next generation the best generation. Education and color psychology go hand in hand when it comes development. We need to invest in youth because it is in youth that we find the light of hope for the future.


If you’re a kid lover than get a load of this! This is the story of beds and that which is beyond bed design. The Homage Platform has several elements in one with a bed (and even an infant’s sleeping space), a bookcase accompanied with a drawer unit. “The composition principal element is the platform that allows to set up a 90x190cm or 90x200 cm bed. The space underneath has a baby bed (70x140cm mattress) a bookcase, and a wheel drawer unit. The stairs are composed by drawer modules,” said the statement.

It’s even funkier to fold away with the Folding Bed, which aims to lend a helping hand to those looking to conserving. “Folding beds are the best option to take advantage of the maximum space in small rooms. Our beds satisfy all safety requirements and are the best sellers. We also use the possibility of plotting a picture. The composition also has a corner wardrobe with folding doors, a bookcase, a 2 m desk and a wheel drawer unit,” the statement added.

Living up to its peculiar name, the Kubox bed is more than meets the eyes, with an arrangement encompasses other elements in the space such as the bookcase, storage bed, and wardrobe. As the company states: “Our kubox system consists in independent drawers modules with which the client can con_gure the bedroom they want. There is a wide range of options and colours to choose from. The composition also has a shelving wardrobe, a storage bed, bookcases, storage headboards and a desk.”

Lagrama has had a history of being a leader in the kid and adolescent furniture, in particular the idea of creating modern space for kids as well as grown ups to enjoy is their specialty. These items are just the beginning of a serious of ingenious creations that will come from this companies, to recreate a new playful reality for youth.

Images courtesy of Lagrama