Coming with its innovative new concept, Euromobil Group exhibited its stunning new Total Home concept at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2014, introducing a lifestyle which treasures creativity in its pure essence with company’s three brands Zalf Furniture, Euromobil Kitchens, and Désirée sofas.

“The appointment in Milan is an extraordinary chance to communicate this new message, to show the excellence of a product made entirely in Italy and to propose a more elegant design for a Total Home lifestyle in the name of nature,” said Gaspare Lucchetta, Assistant Director of the Group.

With the three different brands complementing each other, they compromise a significant change in the company’s philosophy with Zalf and Désirée exposed to the partition’s kitchen space, involving a number of colors, materials, fine finishes, and signature design shapes. “In line with this change we have also the exhibition architecture: rigorous but with emotional sceneries with a strong visual impact, where there is a space for five works of the artist Alessandro Verdi which underline the deep link between furniture and culture that has always distinguished the Euromobil Group,” the press statement said.

Most distinguished for its focus on materials, the company’s work in the kitchen sector has culminated in the release of many exclusive finishes, such as its signature National Walnut Wood. Looking towards meeting the more eco-friendly demands of the market, Ecomalta has been produced as the outcome of the company’s advanced research unit, striving to go green as much as it goes innovative. Thermo-structured Elm Natural Texture is available in several different finishes white, sand and amazon. Under the Euromobile Cucine brand, three main set ups have been showcased including Filoantis, Filolain, and the Living collection (including the light Nenè chair as well as ZedLine system).

Having the honor being designed by Marc Sadler, Désirée released the following items which demonstrate eco-friendliness through its use of vegatable-based polyurethane as well as its enigmatic character: Platz Divano, Platz Soft, Le Midi Poltrona (Setsu&Shinobu; Ito), Troy Poltrona, Platz Letto, Dabliu Tavolini (Setsu&Shinobu; Ito), Kara Poltrona, Zerocento Complementi, One Flo Complementi.

Also making use of the company’s signature Thermo-structured Elm Natural Texture, Zalf features a number of products which are also both eco-friendly as well as youthful in character, most appealing to teenagers. Zalf took pride in its Combi system, the Zedline shelf system, as well as the modularly design Domino bookcase. In recognition of the company’s efforts Euromobile shall participate in Expo Milano 2015, providing all the domestic furnishing solutions for Expo Village in Cascina Merlata, an area close to Milan located northwest of the city. Covering an area of 540,000 m2, this neighborhood makeover is the largest urban redevelopment project, involving several tower structures designed with the efforts of CZA Architetti, C+S Associati, Mario Cucinella, Pura, b22, and Teknoarch. As advanced as this new project will be, the towers will feature the latest that sustainable technology has to offer.

“Total Home” not only represents an innovative step up in the home furnishing business, but speaks of a new home philosophy, editing the design language that usually defines any residence to turn into something simpler yet more stylish. What originally begun as an idea became a reality in front of the eyes of many, made possible by those who are willing to turn their sketches into real life products. In Egypt, few stores offer the diversity of services that Euromobile really gives to all its customers. Designopolis would be the best place to purchase products of similar quality. Vitra, which is a brand available in Egypt, has also taken a step in this direction, building on its innovative eye to re-edit the way families live within the walls of their own residences.

Photography by Ezio Prandini Images courtesy of Euromobil Group