Ceramics and sculpting has been one of the most monumental accomplishments of the Greco-Roman period, profusely admired by many experts of classical studies. The ingenuity behind these works is not so much in the way they look but rather the efficiency of the techniques used, resulting in the creation of finely crafted wellshaped forms made to practically serve the consumer. One Italian company Bosa has taken it upon itself to deliver the most modernly designed products using the very same technique as their ancient Roman ancestors.

Pellicano design by Jaime Hayon

Just as the classical period of the Greco-Roman civilization led to the development of the most of Western architecture, art, and culture, Bosa being an Italian company of the same taken the initiative to use the ancient techniques of its ancestors for the purpose of crafting the company’s most modern-looking creations.

Issima hanging lamp design by Sam Baron.The owls vases design by Manolo Bossi,Boaty table design by Jaime Hayon

The result is a collection of finely designed modern accessories which can fit the high end tastes and elegant spectacles of any modern home. These creations have been produced by a number of ancient that have been reborn thanks to the endless efforts of passionate craftsman from Bosa. One of the processes that the designs go through is ‘Casting and Retouching’ through which the shape of the object is hand sculpted through the use of plastic moulds. When the object is removed from the mould it is hand-cleaned and all the fine details are worked into it, ready to be heated and hardened in the furnace.

Issima hanging lamp, table and candles holder designs by Sam Baron

‘Glazing’ involves adding a little color to the object by using a mix of different glazes to vitrify the object after the initial heating process. Locally produced glazes with colors exclusive for Bosa are placed in tubs and the objects are dipped in them, with exception to the base of the object to prevent fusion with the plates of the kiln in the next stage of heating.

THE OWLS Design by Manolo Bossi

In the third phase of the production process, ‘Firing’ (more commonly known as biscuit-firing) will take place until the object is completely, once for the object to dry and after that a number of time to vitrify the glazes on the object. This process involves retouching imperfection until all the fine details are perfected to maximum quality. Then they the objects are decorated with gold, platinum, or copper elements which are then glazed fired again to bind these metals with the glaze already on the object.

Now for the fun part! In the ‘Decorations’ phase, masters artists hand paint decorations into the object itself which include precious metals (gold, platinum, silver) which are then heated to a temperature of 720° to ensure that the metals are authentic and that everything on it is durable.

UMPET Design by Matteo Zorzenoni
FANTASMIKO Table Clock design by Jaime Hayon and BOX LAMP design by Ludovica e Roberto Palomba

Last but not least, you can order all the objects in any color you like using the technique of heating the colors into the object itself. “All the products in the catalogue may be ordered in the hues shown in the colour sheet, though the exact tone of the glaze must be verified against the ceramic colour samples. In different objects, the same hue may show slight differences in the intensity of the colour, caused generally by the different shapes and volumes, or due to minimum variations in firing temperature. These distinct characteristics contribute to making each piece unique,” said a press statement from the firm.

Sphere design by Francesca Bosa and KINA table lamp design by Marco Zito

Founded in a corner of the beautiful Venetian countryside in Borso del Grappa, Bosa was started by Italian ceramic legend Italo Bosa in 1976, where he made his own finely crafted collections of glitz and glam, featuring the use of precious metals (such as gold or silver) as well as the intricacy of fine decorated design patterns. Building a name for his brand, this company soon sprung to become a world renowned brand, recognized as an authority in ancient ceramic techniques, yet producing creations of the most profound modern quality.

Photography by Tiziano Rossi Nienke Klunder (the tournament - smart grid gallery) and Alberto Sinigaglia (Hopebird Special edition 2014) Images courtesy of bosa