Rugs, carpets, and everything else that provides that bit of magic to your floor can’t really work without nanimarquina being its main brand. Drawing up from some Indian philosophies as well as a mixture of other themes, this brand has released several collections bound to perfume any household with an Oriental fragrance of paramount stylistic proportions.

RabariCollection DoshiLevien

Design has had its ups and downs, but with the release of several collections under the brand umbrella of nanimarquina, the field has without a doubt taken a vertical turn upwards.


Nani Marquina upon reflecting about her designs remembered the day when she met the Indian princess of design Nipa Doshi, founding partner of Doshi Levien studio. It’s all about incredible India, the land of spirituality, spices, and sensational scenes. The first of the collections that was released was the Rabari Collection, named after a nomadic community from the Kutch region. “Nipa's aunt had an amazing embroidery workshop in Ahmedabad, with 25 highly skilled craftswomen, who were all experts in hand embroidery, working with glistening mirrors, silk and cotton thread and metallic sequins


amongst other non-precious materials. The women sat together on rugs on the floor, surrounded by these jewel like elements scattered around them as they worked. Often collaborating in groups, the intricate embroideries took several days to complete,” said Nani. “We wanted our collection for Nani Marquina to reference the unfinished embroideries like studies of different techniques in progress, as they gradually emerge over time. The spontaneous compositions of the rugs embody the serendipity and freedom to improvise inherent in each step of a handmade piece; Joyful, irreverent and unique.”

We travel further east to visit herds which produce some of the finest New Zealand wool only to end up with the Ghost Collection by Martí Guixé. “Ghost is a rug that plays with shadows in black and white, a mysterious and brilliant blend of past and present that remains faithful to the strange simplicity and seriousness of the artist's work. The noise and saturation of the design put a modern spin on the traditional rug, drawing us into the exuberance of the scene, so timeless and yet so fresh,” said a press statement from Nani Marquina. "I worked on a small part each day, sometimes painting during the day and sometimes at night… the graphic arrhythmias reflect my different moods over a period of three months of work and give Ghost a touch of mysticism,” added Guixé.

Tatami negro 2

A losange is more than something you suck on when you get a cough! The Losanges Collection by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec brings about a beautiful red color to the house, ultimately seducing any style hungry user into a potential purchase! “I am really proud of Losanges. Not only because it provides some qualities and some textures that are so difficult to achieve in an industrial process, but also because it is the result of the order and the lovely disorder caused by the shades and the lines breaking the geometry of the diamonds,” said Bouroullec. nanimarquina is a company built on making the wildest carpet dreams come true. It’s all about thinking out of the box and not conforming in an age where conformity has become quite literally a merciless modern mantra.

Images courtesy of nanimarquina