Designer Front Panels and Saphir are the two of the most appealing product lines that kitchen master Häcker Kitchens has released recently to put itself in the lead with its competitors. With kitchen companies struggling to balance what’s fashionable and functional, Häcker’s designers hike up a creative trail for a more alluring routine for cuisine!

Kitchens are practically one of the most difficult yet interesting aspects of design within the household, forming one of the most functional zones of the house, thereby leaving lots of room for both design and technological innovation. Typically having an eye for pretty much anything which is stylistically aesthetic, functional, and compact yet fit with all the essentials,

Häcker Kitchens creates a new model kitchen for many to learn from, designers and homeowners alike! Saphir in essence is a reactionary collection to the “less is more” philosophy, throwing out all the nonessential clutter elements within the kitchen environment and streamlining the space to fit the demands of the consumer without reducing the environment’s visual appeal.

“The trend towards increasingly reduced design and a 'less is more' philosophy in homes continues unabated. Correspondingly, the handle-free kitchen has grown in popularity over the past few years, as it mirrors an absolutely perfect minimalist aesthetic with even, clean front panels,” said a press release from Häcker. “Already since 10 years Häcker offers handle-free kitchens. The model Saphir is presented in both options: with or without handles. Saphir is available in radiant white or a delicate shade of magnolia.”

Ornamentation has never been much of a trend within kitchen design, usually keeping its decorative scheme sleek, minimalistic, and simple. Being part of the Designer Front Panels’ product line, Häcker has introduced floral and canyon decor to accentuate the kitchen with flavour and functional beauty.

The company reflect on the grueling process of coming up with such a delicate balance in order to deliver best service possible.“The demands on the aesthetics of kitchen furniture have risen very considerably over the past few years as they are frequently the very focus of the home,” said a press statement from Häcker. “With these decorative front panels, Häcker offers kitchen designers two extremely attractive designs with which they can also design charming individual pieces of customised furniture. They are also perfect for dining and living rooms if these spaces are to be visually merged with the kitchen.”

With ICool Life being the country’s local exclusive dealer for Häcker Kitchens, their products are also available in Egypt with its showroom on the Nile Cornish offering appliances from Teka, Miele, Siemens, White Westinghouse, General Electric, and Electolux. The company also offers many of the collections that its international counterparts in Germany offer.

Images courtesy of Häcker Kitchens