You don’t have to be a geek to be obsessed about technology. The Binary Room, by South Carolina designer Benjamin Rollins Caldwell celebrates the marriage of technology and design together, saturated in an entire interior environment with the motifs you would normally see in your own central processing unit. So it’s time for you to process this design!

Going beyond being just evergreen, South Carolina designer Benjamin Rollins Caldwell designed the new Binary Collection, an exclusive piece exhibited at Design Miami and selected last November for Lady Gaga’s Artrave.

“The Binary Collection consists of furniture pieces completely composed of obsolete computer parts. The understructures of each table and chair are composed of computer towers and sheet metal from printers, which are bent to the proper form and then riveted together,” said a press statement from Benjamin Rollins Caldwell. “The surface of the furniture pieces are completely covered in a collage of motherboards, computer chips, LCD screens and hard drive disks held in place by sheet metal screws.” At Lady Gaga’s Artrave, the Binary Collection was showcased as an installation titled “Living in

the Computer Age” which included flooring materials made out of ribbon cables and walls being a mosoic arrangement of different motherboards and computer chips attached to the furniture items as well as the overall set up.

“The installation not only addresses the issues of recycling e-waste and disposing of our technologies properly, but also forces the viewer into an understanding of our dependence on technological advances by being completely surrounded in a visible technological environment,” the press statement added.

The collection also made its debut at the FOG Design + Art fair in San Francisco last January and will remain on display as The Binary Room installation at the Los Angeles-based Industry Gallery Showroom, part of the Pacific Design Center, until the 7th of March. The collection awaits another exhibition which will kick off at the Art Silicon Valley this fall so stay tuned!

Images courtesy of BRC Designs