Offering the highest value for money in the market is the philosophy that IXINA adheres to, offering its clients exemplary finishing and services.

High quality German kitchens, that are completely customized in accordance to the lifestyle of the buyer, while giving the right consultations on what ‘makes sense’, has been the key to the company’s growing success. There is a huge deficiency in the market when it comes to services and finishing according to IXINA. “This is a point of capitalization for us,” said to Partner and Managing Direction Mr. Moustafa Moussa.

In response to this predicament, IXINA has sought to relieve their clients, both current and future ones, from the headache of grueling installation procedures by managing the whole process from A-Z with its staff of professional interior designers and German-trained craftsman. “We realized that having high quality kitchen cabinets and accessories are only a small part of the equation. The other component is offering a one-stop shop solution for kitchen needs,” said Mr. Moussa. What this essentially means, is that clients don’t need to be running around making sure they have the right kitchen equipment, accessories and other essentials, as well as dealing with the headache of making sure everything is delivered on time and professionally installed. IXINA’s approach to selling kitchens is that the client focuses on designing their dream kitchen, while we deal with every other element!

“People usually know what to expect from a German kitchen, so I will not even talk about quality. What we want to focus on is the services,” Mr. Moussa asserts. Clients are an essential part of the business, emphasizing that they “are like family”. “Poorly trained workers in Egypt have unfortunately mishandled kitchen installation procedures in the most unprofessional manner, taking long breaks, procrastinating, making a mess on site, and demonstrating inappropriate behavior in the clients’ household. We as a company are trying to provide an alternative to the market by delivering excellence in both the quality of our kitchens as well as the quality of our services by handling the installation process ourselves, sending our personnel to Germany to be trained there, and following up so that there is quality control.”

While other companies will keep their clients liable for any mistakes their site engineers incur during the furbishing phases, IXINA takes a completely different approach. “It is our job and our commitment to make sure your site engineers have prepared the place of installation exactly according to the plan we provide, and if they have not done so, to come up with the solutions while minimizing as much as possible the involvement of our clients.’ In addition to its world class kitchen solutions, IXINA also offers appliances and accessories to go with the kitchen sets, all well designed and perfectly functional. The company has proven to be a huge step forward in its human resources philosophy as well as the excellence of the designs that it delivers.