Whenever we think of the UAE, we think of Dubai with its irresistible malls, its profuse luxury brands, its stunningly fashionable boulevards, and its all-to-delicious fine dining joints with the best every culture’s cuisine has to offer. Rosewood Abu Dhabi is the combination that you get in any super city all rolled into one place, where you can sleep, eat, and relax to your heart’s content.

Imagine what the travelling experience can do to you. First, there’s the hassle of checking your bags in the departure. Your wife kind of packs heavy so you get your fair share of strange looks at the airport. While checking in, you didn’t get the two window seats you wanted. You land. The airline lost one of your bags, you get even more dirty looks with the customs officers, and on top of all of that, the taxi charges an arm and a leg. You think I didn’t sign up for this. Not here. Not now.

Yet, you arrive to a hotel designed by Handel Architects only to see that you are in amazement with this oasis of pleasure in an ocean of merciless displeasures. As a matter of fact, you are bathed in the essence of luxury at the Rosewood Abu Dhabi, the city’s finest home away from home, especially catered to stressed, travel battered global trekkers such as yourself. It’s built for residents looking for luxury, pleasure, tourism and most importantly size with its 102,000 m² complex. The compound has an amazing five-star hotel which has 189 rooms and also includes 131 serviced apartments, event spaces, spas, fitness/treatment centers, retail outlets, restaurants, as well as parking spaces. Nested right smack in the middle of Abu Dhabi’s Al Maryah Island, being the city’s financial district, Rosewood boasts as the district’s finest, especially business travelers. It’s within walking distance between the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange and the Cleveland Clinic.

Architects went back to traditional Arab culture to sort out this challenging design venture. Those commercials about Dubai don’t lie. Arabs do like their falcons and this is what that architects built their story around! Evidence suggests that that this ancient even goes back to the time to Mesopotamia, making an inevitable character trait for the region. “The inspiration for the design was derived from the falcon and from the art of falconry, which has a long history in the Middle East, and remains an important part of the heritage and culture,” said a press statement from Handel Architects. The forms, lines and textures of the falcon’s body and feathers inspired the design and initiated the early ideas for the form and expression of the tower.”

The exterior volume of the structure is made to mimic the falcon’s graceful wings resulting in a sculptural exactness, simply unseen within the architectural world. What’s even more interesting is that natural inspiration that takes place in a relatively modern structure right in the center of a financial district.

“The way in which the falcon’s wings overlap its body inspired the exterior massing and the overlapping volumes and textures of the exterior wall. The design is a sculptural manifestation that reflects the falcon’s beauty, elegance and precision,” the statement added. Designers make use of various water features to create a ‘zen’ sensation to greet the guests upon arrival. Through the use of interesting comfortable furnishings as well as a collage of different Middle Eastern motifs and patterns, the interior design is turned into a wonderful combination of any modern luxury scene wrapped within the maladies of time to reap the sweetness of local Arab culture. Not only does this lobby and interior space make its first impression, but it actually talks to the viewers and guests, summoning them to a reality which goes beyond their daily lifestyle; reminding them that there’s more to life than just that daily grind of waking up, working, wizening up. There’s a time to recklessly indulge oneself and this is the time!

“Inside, the lobby is bordered on one side with a flowing water feature and on the other with a dramatic wall of art to draw guests into the space with warm tones, clean lines and sleek materials,” said the press statement. “This is juxtaposed with comfortable furnishings and flowing fabrics in warm colors reminiscent of a local souk. Throughout the hotel, traditional Middle Eastern textiles and details are mixed with modern lines and forms.”

Life doesn’t have to be difficult. You just have to seek the enjoyment the life has to offer. Rosewood offers everything that that good life has to bring. Indulge yourself at Rosewood and make the luxuries going and going because you never know when it’s gone.

Photography by Don Riddle, Gerry O’Leary, and Lester Ali Images courtesy of Handel Architects