Arch. Ahmed Osman and his team of professionally experienced architects and designers bring new hope in fundamentally changing the way business is done in Egypt, using the diverse strengths of his team finishing each and every project with prompt efficiency. With the introduction of high standard project management practices, Reny raises the bar for the Egyptian architectural and interior design industry.

Opening its door wide open many to Egyptian homeowners, Reny, a French architectural firm based in both Paris and Cairo, has aimed to change the way people and their lifestyles by changing their social outlook in design.

In recognition of the significant role which architecture and interior spaces play within societies, Reny seeks to cater to the needs of a newly emerging style-conscious niche of the Egyptian market, requiring more sophistication and elegance to its approach in each and every project.

With its world class standards of business being adapted both here and in France, Reny’s prestigious portfolio including everything from residential to commercial projects, enabling them to reach out to a diverse array of some the world’s finest names in business.

Keeping up to date with inspirational tastes and trends all over Europe, Reny is keen on creating a tidal wave in the local market with its stellar ideas therefore making

fundamental cultural changes in the way society interacts with design. This has become an integral component of what Reny seeks to do and offer its clients in Egypt.

Celebrating the company’s French cultural heritage, Reny respects the diversity of each project it does, taking a fresh approach to each design it executes and guaranteeing the client the individual attention to his/her needs within an interior space. With that in mind, clients will never find similarities between one project and another.

Besides being the market’s mover and shaker, Reny is also keen on cultivating long term relationships with its clients, sewing the seeds of trust with every deal they make. Trust and transparency are the two most vital components made to guarantee success in any business interaction. And that’s the way Reny puts its signature on the contract!

Reforming the fundamentals of Egyptian business culture, Reny is a national leader in project management, delivering its services on time, from planning and execution within a timeframe that its clients find convenient. Overall, the success that Reny has enjoyed up to this day could not have been possible without the efficient teamwork and cooperation demonstrated by Reny’s staff of professional architects and designers, of whom some have no less than ten years of experience in the field. Combining their skills together, they complement each other’s strengths in turning out with the best outcome in each and every project. In the end, it’s the clients’ best interests that are an integral component of Reny’s company policy.

Images courtesy of Reny