Köşeler Mobilya a new Turkish brand opened its doors to Egyptians this November in a festive opening which took place in Heliopolis, right past Tivoli’s Dome on Omar Ibn Al Khattab Street. The new store showcased the company’s latest products and furniture collections, put together in a setup which appeals to local tastes and serves to amplify the corporate message that the company wants to give its consumer audience.

In celebration of its establishment here in Egypt, Köşeler Mobilya kicked off with a big foundational celebration to announce that its world class furnishing solutions have been made available to Egyptians.

The store run by Chairman Mr. Hussein Ali and Manager Partner Mr. Hassan Ali, offers a wide variety of furniture appealing to the young generation, yet also attracts a crossgenerational niche of Egyptian consumers, who demand for only the best and most fashionable the company can give. “Though this company has stores in Istanbul and in cities all over Europe, this is first time for it open in Egypt and because of this we’re working with more unique furnishing solutions, particularly attractive to youth,” said Köşeler Egypt’s Chairman. “We have chosen with mostly modern sets which are characteristically fashionable and affordable to the average shopper. We also have an ambitious expansion plan which will allow us to open stores of the same caliber and the same system we have at this store.”

It’s not about what’s Turkish as much as it’s about what makes the right mix. Köşeler Mobilya brings the best of other design cultures to add to its collections, including furniture from some of the most prestigious names in Europe, such as Minotti.

Picking and choosing may be a freedom that every shopper enjoys, but it’s also a service which Köşeler Mobilya provides for all its customers. Köşeler Mobilya also has professional interior designers who are well-trained and have a tasteful eye to show their clients how the furniture at Köşeler can best be used in their own homes.

Arch. Mohamed Ismail and Arch. Yasmine Hamdy, being chief designers at Köşeler Egypt, asserted the company’s flexible service policy, in addition to commenting about the showroom’s stellar setup as a unique first impression to shoppers: “We wanted to create a mood for every single setup to show people that with the furniture you have you can create a variety of different moods. For example, some setups are not completely modern; we managed to weave in a classical touch. Colors are also an important factor which can decide the mood of your interior,” said Arch. Hamdy. “We work with customers to create a feasible interior design plan that would best suite their individual needs and cater to local tastes.”

Adding to the convenience of its high quality products and customerfriendly services, the store is easy to find and within walking distance from Tivoli’s Dome on Omar Ibn At Khattab Street, close to a number of other furniture outlets. Soon enough, Köşeler Mobilya will be opening a host of showrooms in other prestigious locations around Cairo, including one in New Cairo in front of AUC’s Kattameya Campus, one in Hyde Park, and one in Porto New Cairo.

Photography by Nader Ramadan Some images provided by Köşeler Mobilya-Egypt Interior Design by S E G M E N T S Facebook page: S E G M E N T S, Architects & Planners Setup & Renovation by Arch. Yasmine Hamdy Facebook page: yasmin hamdy for home setup and renovation