With classical flirtations and stylish sensations, SEDA yet again makes a red carpet entrance at Le Marche this winter season with a stellar new stand which aims to introduce visitors to the company’s direction for the year. With wintery trees dappled with colorful of dolls indulging the entrance, one may feel a certain sense of warmth upon entrance into SEDA’s new booth. And warmth is the way to go this season as Karim Kozman, the company’s general manager and chief designer, was quick to point out.

“Building on the success of our previous stands, we chose a natural theme to design our booth for Le Marche, emphasizing a wintery visual scheme using the leafless trees at the entrance. This year since our fabrics coincide with the seasonal trends we are exhibiting warmer colors such as beiges, blues, and navy blues. We have also introduced our new velvet line which we will be offering in showrooms this season,” said Kozman

The company will also open its third showroom in Downtown Katameya in the Fifth Settlement to offer its world class fabrics to New Cairenes. In an even more significant move, SEDA is now working with SKAFF, a Lebanese fabric editor. “He has been in the market for more than 40 years and we are confident that his prestigious name and experience will add volumes to our company.” Last year at Le Marche, SEDA kicked off the winter season with its Funky Le Chateau concept using warm colors and intricate floral patterns. In 2012 at Le Marche’s summer edition, SEDA indulged its display with a psychedelic summer theme called SEDA Bon Voyage, with a monumental 1960s vintage MiniCooper at the stand’s entrance. SEDA is the exclusive Middle Eastern agent of several European brands including NOBILIS, CHISTIAN FISHBACHER, AL DECO, and Elvin Fabrics.