Each of us has his own matchless style. Different blends of colors, shapes, sizes, and layouts; everyone has his own vision of the design of his dreams where his personal touches are embodied in front of his eyes. During an enjoyable

visit to Khan El Khalili, Bassem decided to try and produce his own lamp. He bought all the materials needed; the main metal structure of the lamp, 12 meters of threads, 50 pieces of colored glass of various shapes and other small ornaments. With the help of Raghda, his colleague, they started assembling the design Bassem had in mind. The first step was to cut the threads into eight one-and-a-half meters each. The second step was to attach the colored ornaments and pieces of glass to each of the eight threads. The final step was to attach the eight threads to the

Photography by Bassem Kaddah Assembled by Bassem Kaddah & Raghda Gabr