The blend of diverse scents and odors to reach the most charming fragrance is a unique type of art. The same concept applies to design; an artist has to accomplish a brilliant fusion of different collections of patterns, forms, and textures and to consider the practical usages of various items in order to attain success.

Penhaligon's, a renowned fine English fragrance house, founded in 1870 by William Penhaligon, has opened their latest store in London, featured with the characteristic iconographic design and ornaments of Christopher Jenner, a new British design studio, founded in London in 2010.

The design of the new store uses a resplendent hodgepodge of two contradicting styles of art; the classic Edwardian; the period covering the reign of King Edward VII from 1901 to 1910, characterized by its own unique style, fashion, and lifestyle when artists were influenced by the development of the automobile and electricity, and a greater awareness of human rights and the Manga; comics created in Japan, conforming to a style developed in the country in the late 19th century which has become among the most popular types of comics in Asia.

“With the British Empire at its height and the change of command at Buckingham Palace, the dictated and constrained moral values of Victorian England surrendered to a pre-war period of discovery, eccentricity and joviality”, said a press release describing the new innovative design of the store.

This wonderful cohabitation of the imperial classics and the modern comics revives the arts the Aesthetic movement which expressed a committed support of aesthetic values over socio-political methodology, renouncing projected dictation and favoring values of beauty and charms. The strategic method Jenner used in his design is revealed through the unique use of brand iconography as a story telling approach, layered with materials and textures, emphasizing the signature and the pointillist style of the designer. Penhaligon's new store represents the next chapter in the success story of Christopher Jenner Studio uncovering its strategic, creative technique in exploring the relationship between brands, emotion, luxury and craft.

Images courtesy of Christopher Jenner