In an environment where social media has been the launch pad for many businesses to spring up, Chast’e Modern Furniture Store, a new store almost completely marketed on social media, has reported that more than 95% of its sales come from its Facebook page.

Chast’e Modern Furniture Store has become the exclusive furnishing provider for many Egyptian Facebook users looking for world class interior solutions for their houses. Simply sending a message to the company’s Facebook fan page, now a good 100,000 strong, will get any interested buyer an appointment with customer service at their private showroom to view their products.

Chast’e Modern Furniture Store, now becoming a well-known brand, has a new innovative approach where the customer chooses the design that he/she wants for the furniture with the appropriate dimensions and then it’s up to Chast’e Modern Furniture Store to implement the new idea. It ensures that the manufacturing quality of every piece is up to international standards but gives the user a break on the price.

“One of the challenges that people always face is that they look at all these international brands and find that they’re too expensive,” said a statement from Chast’e Modern Furniture Store. “We are closing this gap by using the same standards of design and manufacturing in order to give them something similar but at the same time it’s locally produced.” The store’s secret ingredient relies on the individual attention that it gives to every single customer. “The problem these days is that furniture is simply sold to the customer without really advising them properly about different

elements in the design, such as dimensions, materials, and other visual elements,” said the statement added. “In contrast, we walk them through the whole process from beginning to end so that we can give them something that is most suitable for their home.” Though Chast’e Modern Furniture Store currently is exclusively an online business, they are planning to open a new showroom in Heliopolis in the coming months. This new showroom will give customers a firsthand look of what it means to have world class furniture which is locally produced.

Images courtesy of Chast’e Modern Furniture Store