Have you ever thought what would your nose look like if it was designed in the shape of an armchair? Have you imagined the appearance of a sofa inspired by the shapes and the colors of a large watermelon?

If we all follow the same line of thoughts, we would have never invented any new ideas or designs. True artists have this creative ability to convert the simplest plainest forms and shapes into deep meaningful innovative items which would dazzle the minds of the people. Established only in 2005, Wamhouse, a new Polish design house, continues to gather the attention of the whole world with their new innovative creations every year.

Ptaszarnia, the Birdcage Design Designed by Karina Wiciak, Ptaszarnia is the first of the 12 parts of the XII Collection of themed interior designs that are introduced with their unique furniture and fittings. Do you want your house to look stunningly different? The Ptaszarnia is exactly what you are in need for. This interior design is the wildest fantasy of its creator to originate images that would be meaningful all together or function individually as a print on the wall as an example.

The Paszcza Armchair, Stick your Tongue to the World This humorous looking armchair is designed for those who admire the eccentric style of décor and design. With its exclusive appearance and its unique style, you can “stick your tongue to the world” for owning such a valuable creative piece of furniture. With the modern frame and the original organic shape of a tongue, the large dimensions of the Paszcza Armchair make it harmonize perfectly with wide spacious rooms.

The Kitchen Dripping in Gold Imagine the kitchen where you cook your favorite meals is all dipped in gold. This marvelous concept adds a new level of luxury, glamour, and temptation, to one of the most delicious sections of any home, the kitchen.

The Tasty Table Egg Do you have problems encouraging your son to eat all his breakfast? Or maybe you would like to indulge your family with the most delicious chicken dish for lunch? The Table Egg, designed by Wamhouse, takes the shape of an egg at its surface and the legs of a chicken in a humorous scheme that all members of the family would enjoy!

The Zjedzony Banana Armchair Nobody would have imagined that an eaten banana would inspire a designer to create such a delicious appealing armchair except in Wamhouse. The Banana Armchair is a new addition to the food inspired furniture mastered by the company. Have you ever touched the inner part of the banana and experienced how smooth it is. This is exactly the type of comfort provided by this ingenious new armchair that offers a great deal of practical functions as well.

The “3” collection – wall units A wide collection of wall units suitable for various spaces and usages, the “3” collection derives its titles from the 3-lettered words describing the name of each model. This collection gives the creative dimension required in any modern style house with a wide variety of colors, shapes, and themes.

Images courtesy of Wamhouse