Nested just next to Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay is a new project master planned by Grant Associates in cooperation with a design team of the world’s top architectural firms. Standing at a total of 54 hectares, it is in essence a new philosophical exploration of adapting botanical forms that are best used as structural solutions. The goal is to give any visitor a unique botanical experience like no other by integrating fluid forms, which are in essence “orchid” in origin.

The first and most impressive component of this project is without question the 25- 50 meter Supertrees designed by Grant Associates, which dwarfs the whole area into submission. Being up to 16 floors high, these tree-like structures are like vertical gardens or horticultural centers

Supertrees at night (Ground View)

and the tallest of these structures has an impressive arial walkway up to the 20 meters above the ground. Atelier One, the firm responsible for structural stability component of this project, made these structures for maximum stability with a reinforced concrete base, a steel frame to make up the trunk, planting panels dappled around the structure for the purpose of allowing the structural skin to grow around the frame, and an umbrellashaped canopy, which was assembled using a hydraulic jack system.

Each Supertree will be built to carry up to 162,900 plants of over 200 species from different families, including bromeliads, orchids, ferns and tropical flowering climbers. Among all these species, they plan to cultivate Tillandsia stricta from Brazil, Tillandsia fasciculate from Panama, Cattleya maxima from Ecuador, and Pseudorhipsalis from Costa Rica. In addition, the Supertree has a number of other special features including a lighting feature which activates at night in the canopy (done in collaboration with Lighting Planners Association).

Aerial walkways between Supertrees

Building on this is yet another iconic element of the whole complex, the Conservatory Complexis a breathtaking horticultural attraction; as well as an impeccable example of sustainable technology. It consists of two large biomes designed by Wilkinson Eyre Architects, including the Flower Dome (1.2 hectares) and the Cloud Forest (0.8 hectares) which give the visitor an “edutainment” experience through use of various effects within the two structures themselves. While the Flower Dome is an awe-inspiring display of flowers and orchids from the Mediterranean climatic regions, the Cloud Forest simulates various weather experiences, such as in Tropical Montane. The brilliant landscaping within these two structures was a collaborative effort between Grant Associates and Wilkinson Eyre Architects.

The complex also has a myriad of different gardens and botanical collections in its horticultural center, including four collections from the Heritage Gardens (Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Colonial) and The World of Plants, which will be based on the “Plants and Planet” theme for showcasing the biodiversity of plants on Earth.

Interior View Conservatory (Original)

The World of Plants will also have six different gardens including The Secret Life of Trees, the World of Palms, Understorey, Fruits, and Flowers, Discovery Garden, and Web of Life. Founded in 1997 by Andrew Grant, Grant Associates is a world class landscape architectural firm striving to offer their clients ecologically based designs that fuse nature with technology in more ways than one. Grant Associates has served many reputable companies including The National Trust, Urban Splash, Rolls Royce, English Partnerships, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Wessex Water, the National Parks Board of Singapore, and much more.

Design Team: Grant Associates, UK Wilkinson Eyre Architects, UK Atelier Ten, UK Atelier One, UK Land Design Studio, UK Thomas Matthews, UK Location: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Images provided by Grant Associates