Shahira Hammad is a young new architect emerging as one of the sole stars in the field. What we are about to discuss is the culmination of many sleepless nights of hard work and effort. Hammad makes her first move into the architectural market like no other.

For her graduation project at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, she chose to design a new train station that would replace the one currently in place at Westbahnhof. Rather than completely collapsing the building, Hammad pragmatically chose to design on to the existing structure.

“I chose to keep the existing building, but to contaminate it with structures that would express a complexity that now is missing. My intervention was inspired both from Nature and Culture, and beyond its polemical characteristics it does intend to bring back what in science is called: Spontaneous Order,” she said in a statement.

The process behind coming up with such an idea is mind-boggling. Hammad creates a frosty snowcapped forest to weave the train station into the misty and snowy atmosphere of Vienna. It is in essence the city of classics and the culmination of all fine arts. “In a way my “project” is not really a “project,” since I let what I envisioned come into being “naturally,” almost by itself, expressing not only outer realities, but also inner ones," she adds.

Hammad in essence wants to create order from chaos that we typically see in nature. We perceive the world as chaotic; yet, at the same time, it’s in submission to natural laws and limits. With her train station, Hammad is sure to earn a Red Dot Design Award soon!.

Architectural Design by Shahira Hammad University of Applied Arts, Vienna Excessive Post-graduate program, Institute of Architecture Professor Hernan Diaz Alonso Assistant Professor Steven Ma Renderings by Shahira Hammad