Showcased in the Victoria and Albert’s Museum in London, Nendo released the Mimicry Chairs which would their major debut this season.

“We pressed punched metal to create a transparent chair with a seemingly soft back rest, and placed it in the main entrance and ten other locations within the museum including galleries, staircases and corridors,” they said in a press statement. “For each location,

we modified the chair to mimic the particular space and objects with which it was placed, so that it accords with its environment. We hoped that visitors might discover a new side to the museum's appeal by sitting on different chairs to observe, absorb and appreciate its collection.”

If you’ve ever played the game of musical chairs as a kid, you would realize the deeper philosophy of this project. It creates a deadlock with all competing designs in terms of its ingenious nature. What will Nendo come up with next.

Photography by Daici Ano Supporting companies: Ochiai Seisakusyo Co. Ltd Kadowaki Coating Co. Ltd. Toho Lath Industrial Co. Ltd.